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Licensing Studio from v9 onwards
Licensing Studio from v9 onwards
This article describes how to license Studio users from v9.x and higher.
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iRise Studio Enterprise Edition & Definition Center
 Version: 9.0 onwards


This article describes how to license iRise Studio Enterprise Edition v9 onwards. Up to v8.12.2, an irise.license file needed to be generated and installed on each of the Studio clients, based on the unique mac address(es) of the PC. At v9.0, there is no need to install a mac-based license file, and licensing is controlled by the Definition Center via registration to a v9.0 Definition Center user account.
 Using the new license registration method, users must have a valid user account on a Definition Center. Please contact your iRise administrator if you do not have a valid user account on the Definition Center.

Studio users - connect to the Definition Center to register your PC

After initially launching Studio following a new installation, Studio will be in 30-day trial mode until it's successfully connected and registered with a Definition Center, unless you have upgraded from a previous version of iRise and have an existing Studio license.
 Click on File > Connect to Definition Center:

 Enter the Definition Center hostname, your username and password, and click on the Settings button next to the Definition Center to configure the port, SSL and proxy information (if necessary):

 Note that if you don't use a Definition Center, you can still use Studio if you have a valid irise.license file. See the following Knowledgebase Articles for generating and installing an irise license:
 Windows: Generating and Installing a License on Studio Enterprise Edition for Windows
 Mac: Generating and Installing a License on Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac
 Once Studio is registered, you don't need to always be connected to a Definition Center (for example, if you're working on your home PC offline). You are allowed a grace period of up to 14 days without having to connect to a Definition Center. If you go over this period or the PC has been deauthorised (see next section), then you'll need to re-register Studio to reactivate your license, or install a valid license file:

Managing Studio user on the Definition Center (iRise Administrators only)

In Definition Center, there is a new feature called Roles introduced in v9.0. All users must have a particular role. There are 3 Roles available - Author, Reviewer and Contributor. By default, all users are set to Reviewer role.
 To allow the user to connect via Studio, set the Role as Author:

The number of Authors licensed to the Definition Center are displayed in the Users and Groups tab, (along with Reviewers and Contributors):

 Each Studio is allowed to register up to 3 machines. Simply clicking on a user in Definition Center will show the number of registered Studio PCs. Click Deauthorize to deregister a computer that is no longer used.

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