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Reviewing a Project on the Definition Center
Reviewing a Project on the Definition Center
Understanding how to review a project on the Definition Center
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A Reviewer is somebody that has been given access to one or more projects on the Definition Center. They can review and comment on a simulation they have been 'invited to'.
Once a user is created on the Definition Center, an owner of a project can share their project with a Reviewer with View/comment permissions. Select the checkbox to send a notification, and the user will get an email with a link to the project.

The invitee will receive an email notifying them they have been added to a project, their permission type, and a link to the project. They will need to log in in order to access it, (unless public projects are being used).

Once the user clicks on the link, (the project title), they will be taken to that project. That project will be displayed in the browser, with an iRise toolbar. In the top left of the toolbar, there are as follows:
Guides. Any instructions about the project from the owner on where to start, log in information, etc.

Comments. Reviewers and Owners can leave comments for each other about the project.

Requirements. Any project requirements that need to be included.

Directory. All the chapters of the project.

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