Does iRise offer live training?

While there are many online resources to help you get ramped up on iRise, nothing can beat live instruction delivered by an iRise Certified Trainer. The iRise Professional Services team has you covered with both beginner and advanced course offerings that can be delivered onsite or remotely.

Can I get certified on iRise?

Whether you are self-trained or take advantage of our educational offerings, we hope that you will eventually develop the confidence and skill to become an iRise Certified professional. iRise offers a two-tiered certification program: iRise Certified Modelers demonstrate their knowledge of iRise Studio by taking and passing a 75-question online exam, while iRise Certified Experts complete a 2-hour practical exam that validates their ability to visualize complex requirements under tight time constraints. Both certifications are highly valued by the growing number of companies that have discovered the benefits of software visualization.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about our official Training & Certification courses & programs.

How do I register for iRise training or certifications?

You can view our class and exam schedules and register for specific events at If you or your team is part of a large enterprise adoption of iRise, then there is a good chance that private onsite classes are already being organized. Please contact your internal iRise champion, or if you don't know who that is, feel free to contact us at

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