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Configuring Definition Center Memory
Configuring Definition Center Memory
This article describes how to amend the maximum memory used by the Definition Center Tomcat windows service.
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In Java terms, this is often referred to as the Maximum Memory Pool, Maximum Heap Size or -Xmx setting.
 When a Definition Center is initially installed, the maximum memory size is calculated at approx. 75% of the available OS. This doesn't take into account any other large memory consuming applications that may be running on the server, therefore sometimes it requires a little tuning. The JVM heap can vary its current heap size between two preconfigured memory boundaries – the initial heap size (defined by the –Xms option) and the maximum heap size (defined by the –Xmx option). In normal operation, the JVM will reserve all its contiguous memory up to the maximum heap size and manage it from within the heap.
 It's important to remember that setting the maximum memory size at a low value on a busy system will result in lots more garbage collection, and thus have a major performance impact on a running Definition Center. It's equally important that the maximum memory setting is no more than around 75-80% of physical memory, to allow for the OS.
 We always recommend ensuring that your server sizing plans incorporate as much available memory as possible.


  1. Open Windows services and double-click the Definition Center service. Make a note of the Service Name. 

2. Stop the iRise Definition Center service if it isn’t already stopped. Note: you don't need to stop the service if you're just viewing the parameters. Only stop the service if making a change to the values.

3. Open a command prompt on the Definition Center server and navigate to the following path:


4. Type the following command at the prompt, replacing iRise<version> with your version, as displayed in the service name in step 1:

tomcat7w //ES//iRise<version>

Using the above as an example, you'd enter the command:
tomcat7w //ES//iRise105

5. Click on the Java tab in the window that pops up. The value you need to change is the Maximum memory pool.

6. Amend this value in Mb*, bearing in mind the 75-80% recommendation** (or less if sharing with other apps). In the example above, the maximum memory is set to 3Gb (3072Mb) on a system with 4Gb physical RAM.

7. Apply the changes then click on OK to exit.

8. Restart the Definition Center service.

* -Xmx should be increased/decreased in 64MB chunks (total -Xmx must be divisible by 64MB
 ** Recommended not to set -Xmx higher than 16GB unless on specialized hardware

Monitor the memory performance using Task Manager and check the value of the running tomcat7.exe in the Processes tab. Look at the 'Memory – Private Set'column. You can add the additional columns to Task Manager for 'Memory – Working Set', 'Memory – Peak Working Set' and 'Memory – Working Set Delta'. These will give you a snapshot of what memory the application is using at that point in time.

Please contact iRise Support for further details on Definition Center memory sizing.

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