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Enabling Public Projects on Definition Center
Enabling Public Projects on Definition Center
How to enable & use public projects
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Public projects allow you to generate a public link to any projects that you enable as public, allowing anyone with the link to simulate & view/comment on a public project without the need for login credentials on a Definition Center.

This article describes the steps necessary to enable the use of public projects on an On Premise Definition Center. You'll need to be able to logon to the server where the Definition Center is installed. On our SaaS cloud plans, this feature is available on our Team and Enterprise Plans. Please contact Support to have this feature enabled on your SaaS instance.

Definition Center/Editor (v10.5 and above)

  1. Log on to the Definition Center server.

  2. Open this file in a text editor after taking a backup copy:

  3. Locate the #PUBLIC PROJECT LINKS  section towards the bottom of the file

  4. Change public.project.links = disabled  to public.project.links = enabled 

  5. Save the file and restart the Definition Center service.​

How to Use

  1. Log into the Definition Center .

  2. Find your project and select the project title link (or the Share tab).

  3. The project will be private until you select 'public' from the drop down.

  4. You can then send your link to anybody you want to review the project.

*Please note that if your Definition Center is configured with SAML or LDAP, public projects is not supported.

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