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Opening Definition Center Projects
Opening Definition Center Projects
This article describes how to open a Definition Center project using Reader.
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Once a connection to a Definition Center has been established in iRise Reader, reviewers can use the project browser to locate and open projects for review.


After adding a Definition Center account to iRise Reader, the account will appear in the Browse list in the sidebar on the left side of the Reader window. Selecting an account will display folders and projects stored in your Definition Center. You can then use this project browser to open a project for review.

Double-click any project or folder to open it. Opening a project will launch it in the iDoc Player in your default web browser. You can also select a project and choose File > Get Info to open the project details page on the Definition Center.
 Opening a folder will display projects and subfolders contained within that folder. As you drill into your folder hierarchy, a breadcrumb trail will appear across the top of the project browser. Use this breadcrumb trail to navigate back up through your folder hierarchy.
 While connected to a v9 or higher Definition Center, you can search for projects by typing a search string into the Search field that appears in the upper right of the project browser. You can search your Recent Projects even when not connected.

Customizing Your Experience

While working in the project browser, you can increase your efficiency by adding folders to your Shortcuts list, and also by changing the way folders and projects are displayed in the browser. To add a folder to your Shortcuts, select the folder and then click the star that appears in the upper right corner of the folder image. To remove the folder, just click the star again.

Note that while you cannot add projects to your Shortcuts, clicking the Recent Projects link will display any projects you opened recently, even if you are not connected to the Definition Center housing the projects. If you open a project while disconnected from the Definition Center, your Web browser will open to the Definition Center login screen.

The folders and projects in the project browser can be viewed in either Thumbnail View or List View. To switch between views, click the associated icon beneath the browser. When in List View, columns will appear that provide additional details about projects, including Date Modified, Modified By, and Owner. You can click the column headers to sort the list by the information in that column. You can also use the Sort by menu beneath the project browser to sort the items in either List View or Thumbnail View.

What are the benefits of this feature?

The project browser in iRise Reader provides an extremely intuitive interface for project stakeholders to use when accessing projects on the Definition Center. While accessing the Definition Center directly (via Web browser) is always an option, providing a single tool that stakeholders can use to open any project, whether on a Definition Center or as an iDoc, eliminates the need to learn how to use two applications. For organizations with more than one Definition Center, the ability to establish simultaneous connections and easily switch between them is also a time saver.

When to use this feature?

Anyone on your project teams can benefit from installing and using iRise Reader to access projects on the Definition Center. It is especially useful, however, for stakeholders who are not Studio users, but would benefit from having a birdseye view of the content stored on your Definition Center (e.g., project managers, team leads, department managers, etc.).

Note that the best method of initiating a formal project review of a Definition Center project is still to send out a link directly to the project. Your reviewers will thank you for this.

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