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Connecting to a Definition Center
Connecting to a Definition Center
This article describes how to connect to Definition Center using Reader.
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iRise Reader gives you the ability to connect to one or more Definition Centers so you can browse and review projects stored online.
 *Please note that if you are using a Mac and connecting to a Definition Center configured with TLS 1.1 or higher, you will not be able to connect.

In order to use this feature, you will need to have a user account on any Definition Center you wish to access.


In many organizations, most of the requirements visualization work takes place on a Definition Center. The Definition Center enables modelers to build iRise visualizations collaboratively, and project stakeholders to review those visualizations from any location where they can access the Definition Center. iRise Reader is the application that enables stakeholders to open and review those visualizations.

The new capabilities added in iRise Reader 9 represent a huge leap forward in the facilitation and management of project reviews. Now iRise Reader not only gives users the ability to open iDoc files, it also enables them to connect to one or more Definition Centers, browse for projects on those Definition Centers, and open them for review in their web browser, all without leaving the iRise Reader interface.

Establishing a New Account

When you open iRise Reader for the first time, an Accounts box will appear that prompts you to create a connection to a Definition Center. When you have your Definition Center server and login information in hand, click the Connect button to enter this information and connect to the Definition Center.

When you have successfully established a connection, the account will be added to the list of accounts on the left side of the Accounts box, and the following message will appear at the bottom of the Accounts box:

If you wish to add more than one Definition Center to your list of accounts, click the Add button at the bottom of the Accounts list.

When you are finished adding accounts or connecting to ones already in your accounts list, you can close the Accounts box. To reopen the Accounts box, choose File > Accounts from the menu bar (iRise Reader > Accounts on a Mac) or click the Accounts button in the Reader status bar.

You can prevent any account from appearing in iRise Reader by selecting the Hide account checkbox in the Accounts box. This can be useful if you have established multiple accounts and are using iRise Reader to present during a live review session.

Managing Accounts

You can delete or edit the connection settings for an account you previously set up by opening the Accounts box. To delete an account, select it in the accounts list and click Remove at the bottom of the list. To edit the connections settings for an existing account, select the account and click the Disconnect button (or simply select the account if you are not currently connected).

What are the benefits of this feature?

iRise Reader provides a central application that enables reviewers to open projects both in iDoc form and on a Definition Center. Its versatility is greatly enhanced by allowing reviewers to connect to multiple Definition Centers, and also to open iDocs generated in several versions of iRise without having to upgrade the iDoc version. Most importantly, the intuitive interface of this application makes it extremely easy for stakeholders to collaborate on iRise projects.

When to use this feature?

iRise Reader should be used by anyone who is tasked with reviewing iRise projects, whether they are accessed on a Definition Center or distributed in the form of iDocs. iRise Studio users will need to install iRise Reader only if they wish to open an iDoc file without importing it into Studio.

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