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How to Download iRise Studio, Reader & Mobile
How to Download iRise Studio, Reader & Mobile
This article describes where to find the iRise product installers.
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This article explains how to access and download iRise Studio & Reader and provide links to iRise mobile app.

Method 1. Download from the Definition Center

iRise Studio can be downloaded directly from a Definition Center provided you have been granted an account on the Definition Center and your Organization has configured the Definition Center to allow the software to be downloaded (enabled by default).

If the Install iRise Apps link is missing (referred to as Downloads in older versions), this means that the feature has been disabled by your Organization and you'll need to refer to Method 2 or contact your iRise Administrator.

  1. Login to the Definition Center.

  2. Click on the down arrow next to your username in the top right hand corner.

  3. Select Install iRise apps.

Selecting iRise Mobile App option will link to the mobile application on iTunes.

You will need Author role in order to view and download Studio. If you are a Reviewer, you will only see links to Mobile.

Method 2. Download from our download site

You can download Studio from the download site:

Reader can be downloaded here.

For further help, contact iRise Customer Support.

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