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Licensing FAQ for v9 and Higher
Licensing FAQ for v9 and Higher
This article describes the changes to licensing in version 9x and above.
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What's different about licensing Studio in v9?

1. No More License Keys

No longer will you need a license file, a serial key, or even a MAC address to activate Studio. All you’ll need is your Definition Center username and password.

2. Use Studio On Any Computer

Studio activation is no longer tied to a specific computer. With iRise 9 you can use Studio on up to 3 computers.

3. Manage Studio Access Within Definition Center
 iRise administrators can easily grant and revoke access to Studio directly within Definition Center.

How will it work?

 Rather than licensing individual computers, the new licensing scheme in iRise 9 is based on licensing actual users. There are no MAC addresses to collect or license keys to generate and install. In iRise 9 you simply designate which users on Definition Center are Studio users, also known as “Authors.”

User Roles

 Each user on Definition Center will be assigned a role, either Author or Reviewer. Only Authors can work in Editor, and activate and use Studio. To provide someone with access , simply change their role to Author. To revoke access, just change their role back to Reviewer. That’s it.

 Activating Studio

Instead of installing a local license key, you will activate Studio by logging in to Definition Center as a valid Author. Once activated, Studio will automatically and continuously verify your Definition Center role to keep your Studio active, even when you’re not connected to Definition Center. You can activate Studio on up to three computers.

Once Studio detects that you are no longer a valid Author, it will automatically deactivate. Reactivating is as simple as logging in again as a valid Author.

Can I still work offline?

Absolutely. There is a 14-day grace period for working offline or off-network. This means that Studio will continue to work for two weeks even when it can’t verify your account. So as long as your Studio is on-network at least once every other week, you’ll have uninterrupted use of Studio. After 14 days Studio will deactivate, but once you’re back on your network, Studio will reactivate itself automatically.

Upgrading from earlier versions? Get ready to transition

 For those upgrading from prior versions, you will need to assign the Author role to all Studio users immediately after upgrading. Since there is no way for Definition Center to identify which of its users have local Studio licenses, all users are assigned the Reviewer role by default upon upgrade. That means even a licensed Studio will be unable to connect to Definition Center until the user is made an Author.

To prepare for the transition, you should start collecting the usernames of your current Studio users.

What happens to local license keys?

Although local license keys for Studio will be phased out in 2014, they will continue to work with Studio 9. However, even a Studio with a valid license installed will be unable to connect to Definition Center until the user is assigned as an Author. So make sure all Studio users are designated as Authors on Definition Center immediately after upgrading to iRise 9.

If you have any questions or you need assistance updating user roles, please contact We are happy to help you through the transition.

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