Opening an iDoc
This article describes how to open an iDoc using Reader, and where you can find the installer for Reader.
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iRise Reader enables project reviewers to browse for and open an iDoc stored on their computer or in a network folder.


iRise Reader gives reviewers the ability to open an iDoc file stored on their computer or in a network folder. The Open iDoc button in the Reader status bar opens the Select an iDoc window which enables the reviewer to browse for an iDoc file. Once the file is selected, the iDoc will open for review in the iDoc Player application within the reviewer's default web browser.

iRise Reader can only open one iDoc at a time. Opening an iDoc while another one is currently open in the iDoc Player will close the current session.

Opening Older iDocs

iRise Reader will open iDoc versions as far back as v8.12.2 without prompting the user to upgrade the iDoc. Note that if the iDoc was generated in iRise 8.12.2, it will open with the legacy iRise Reader toolbars in the browser instead of the new iDoc Player interface.
 If the iDoc version is older than 8.12.2, a warning will appear in the iDoc Player and the user will be prompted to select a version for upgrading.

 Tip: open an iDoc in Reader to determine the version of the iDoc file.

What are the benefits of this feature?

iRise Reader provides a seamless experience for project reviewers, especially if they are accessing projects both on a Definition Center and as iDocs.

When to use this feature?

This feature is useful for project stakeholders who don't have access to a Definition Center. It is also useful in situations that call for a private review of a project, since comments added to the iDoc are not immediately visible to other project reviewers.

Where can I download iRise Reader from?

iRise Reader is free to use. It's available to download from our website.

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