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Connect iRise Studio to Definition Center
Connect iRise Studio to Definition Center
Your desktop Studio application connects to Definition Center so you can collaborate online
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To connect iRise Studio to Definition Center:

  1. Launch Studio.

  2. Click on File > Connect to Definition Center

  3. Under Definition Center, enter your iRise address without the "http://" or "https://". Your iRise address may be something like  Trial users should enter

  4. Click on the cog/gear icon to enter the Port number (usually 443) and enable Secure (TLS).

  5. If you use a proxy server, enter the proxy address and port. See your IT/security team if you're unsure of the proxy settings. This article has details on how to check if you use a proxy.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Enter your iRise Username and Password.

  8. Hit the Connect button to connect to the Definition Center. 


If you're having some trouble connecting, try the following:

  1. Attempt to connect to the Definition Center via a web browser to ensure that you can access the Definition Center via the network.

  2. Ensure that you've entered the correct Definition Center server name correctly. Make sure that there isn't a http(s):// before the Definition Center name.

  3. Is the port number correct? The standard TLS (https) port is 443 and the standard non-TLS (http) port is 80. Check if there's a port number in the URL address bar of the Definition Center connection in the browser.

If you hit an error 'The Definition Center is not running on the host/port specified', see the following article: Definition Center is not running on the host/port specified when trying to connect from Studio

For further help, contact Support and send us a screenshot of your Definition Center settings and the error message.

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