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Getting Started with Studio
This article contains information on how to get started using Studio.
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Whatever version of iRise you are currently using, there are many resources to help you get up and running quickly. This article provides links and descriptions to some of the most frequently accessed and useful of those resources.

Connecting iRise Studio to Definition Center

Follow the below article on how to connect iRise Studio to a Definition Center.
 Connecting iRise Studio to Definition Center

Quick Start Videos

You might remember when you first installed iRise Studio that a video player launched containing our Quick Start Video series. Don't worry if you didn't have time to watch those videos then -- you can relaunch them from within Studio at any time by clicking the Watch Quick Start Videos link on the Studio Welcome Screen. Watching all six videos in one sitting will take you about 25 minutes.

Studio Quick Reference

From within iRise Studio you can open the Studio Quick Reference guide, a handy 3-page PDF that you can keep at hand while you're working in Studio. The guide contains a labeled UI diagram, commonly used keyboard shortcuts, definitions of key interface components, and more. Access the Studio Quick Reference from the Studio Help menu (Help > Quick Reference).

Getting Started Tutorial

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the creation of an iRise simulation from start-to-finish. You'll get experience with nearly all of the key concepts and tasks involved in visualizing requirements, and because the tutorial is part of the iRise Help System, you'll also find useful cross-references to relevant information in the Help System. Plan on spending about 90 minutes on this tutorial.
Access the Getting Started Tutorial from either the Studio Help menu (Help > Getting Started Guide) or the Welcome Screen.

iRise Studio Tutorials

Learn the iRise Studio environment and get comfortable using the basic building blocks needed to create and review prototypes.

Note: These tutorials do not contain any iRise Editor content – only iRise Studio.

Access iRise Studio tutorials at

Common Samples iDoc

The Common Samples iDoc is one of three sample iDocs that ship with iRise Studio. The Common Samples iDoc in particular is one of our most popular customer resources due to its multi-purpose construction. You can use the samples as inspiration or as seed content for your own projects, and every sample contains detailed instructions for building the asset from scratch. The samples are organized in such a way that you can search for specific iRise concepts or techniques, and each sample is tagged with a target experience level.

Access the Common Samples iDoc from the Studio Help menu if you are using v8.10 or above (Help > Import a Sample Project) or find it in your Studio installation directory on your hard drive in earlier versions (\\Program Files (x86)\iRise\Studio\iDoc_Samples\ in Windows or /Applications/iRise Studio/Contents/Resources/Studio/iDoc_Samples/ on a Mac).

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