Creating Libraries
Learn how to create shared libraries of pre-built UI elements and screen templates directly in Editor
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Libraries are collections of common UI components that are pre-formatted to match standards and pre-wired with interactivity. They make it faster and easier to create prototypes that follow standards.

Libraries are stored on the Definition Center (DC) just like projects, and they contain masters and templates, just like projects. You also control access to libraries the same way you control access to projects.
Libraries are projects that get special treatment because they are located in a folder called 'Libraries' on the Definition Center. 

To create a library

  1. Navigate to the 'Libraries' folder under the Projects tab.

  2. Create a new blank project or import an iDoc to create a new project in the Libraries folder.

  3. Open the project detail page for that project and share the project with other users or groups. 


To learn more about the content that should be included in a library, click here.
Some Library content cannot be used with the editor. See the article Functionality Supported in Editor for details.

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