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Arranging widgets and using containers
Arranging widgets and using containers
Arrange your widgets with Drag Mode, Align, Distribute & Wrap
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In Editor, there are a variety tools to help you arrange widgets on a screen.

Drag Mode

Some widgets in iRise, known as containers, allow you to drag other widgets into or onto them. For instance, a section is a container because you can drag other widgets into it. 

Editor allows you to work in either of these modes: “drop into” or “drop over” by changing the drop down in the middle footer panel of Editor.

The drop into mode in Editor is similar to Studio. When you drag and drop a widget over a container, that widget will be placed inside the container. You'll notice the container turns gray while dragging over it.

In drop over mode when you drag and drop a widget over a container, that widget will be placed on top of the container, not in it.

Use the Drag Mode control to choose your preferred mode. If you find yourself needing to quickly swap between modes in the middle of a drag, press the Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Win) key.


You can align widgets by selecting one or more widgets, right clicking on one of them and selecting Align or Distribute > 

There you will see options for aligning the selected widgets to the left, right, etc.


If you have three or more widgets selected, then you can use the right-click > Align or Distribute option to distribute those widget widgets evenly. Distributing will make the space between the widgets even.


You can change the z-order of a widget by using the right-click > Arrange and select the order requird (front, forward, back, backward).

You can also wrap a widget or widgets in a container by selecting the widget(s), right-click > Arrange > Wrap in a container.

Benefits to wrapping widgets in a container include the following:

  • Uniform background formatting

  • Uniform actions (for instance, show/hide a group of elements with one action instead of many)

  • Creating duplicate views of a group of widgets

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