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Understanding Definition Center Icons
Understanding Definition Center Icons
Ever wondered what those icons are in the corner? Here's your answer!
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There are a couple of icons that you may or may not need help defining when you're logged into the Definition Center. Perhaps one of them appears on one of your projects and you would like to know what is is and how it got there. Hopefully the following information helps. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask us here in Support.

The checked out icon means that somebody who has access to the project you are looking at, is currently working on it. This particular user has opened the project in Studio and has checked it out in order that no other users can make changes. The project is read-only until the user checks the project back in. If you need help with reclaiming a checked-out project, contact Support.

The public project icon means that an iRise Administrator has enabled public projects on your Definition Center and the particular project has been made public. This means that if anybody has a public link to this project, they can see the project without logging in to the Definition Center.

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