This article is a collection of articles covering topics necessary to install, manage and maintain an iRise Platform environment. This guide is a work in progress. Articles will be added and updated to keep the information current with the software and to attempt to make this an indispensable tool for anyone maintaining an iRise environment. Keep in mind that this is a guide only. Feel free to contact us, as we are always available to assist!

Installation and Configuration

The following articles relate to installing and configuring the iRise Platform.

Server Sizing

Definition Center Server Sizing
Configuring Definition Center Memory


Definition Center Installation Guides

Virtual Environment Setups

Best Practices for running Definition Center on a Virtual Machine

LDAP Authentication

Configuring a Definition Center to use LDAP Authentication
Troubleshooting LDAP Issues

SMTP Configuration

Email SMTP Configuration for a Definition Center
Email Notifications

TLS Configuration

TLS Setup for a Definition Center v8.8.0 and Higher

Advanced Security

New Whitelist and Short Names Features v9.1 Definition Center and Above
403 Error in Browser Simulating from v9.1 or Higher Definition Center - New Whitelist Property


Best Practices for Backing Up Definition Center Data
Best Practices for Backing Up Studio Data


Setting Access Log Valve on Tomcat to Track HTTP Traffic
Configuring CA Wily Introscope to Monitor iRise Definition Center


Generating and Installing a Definition Center License
Licensing Changes v9 onwards
FAQ Licensing


Definition Center Upgrades

Best Practices for Upgrading a Definition Center
Silent Install/Uninstall Instructions

Definition Center Migrations

Migrating Definition Center Servers Best Practices

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