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iRise 11.7.2 • September 1, 2020!

  • Quickly Set Spacing Between Selected Widget: In Editor, the new spacing control makes it quick and easy to equally space 2 or more widgets apart.

  • Font Awesome 5 Support: In Editor, Font Awesome 5, Font Awesome 5 Brands, and Font Awesome 5 Solid fonts are now supported, in addition to Font Awesome 4.7 (named "FontAwesome").

  • Improved Card Face Design: In Manager, card faces now better display images, tables, bullets and checklists contained in the Description field of the card.

  • Outline Panel UI Improvements: In Editor, the hierarchy of widgets is now more readable via improved indentation, icons and colors.

  • FIX: As always, we've also resolved a handful of bugs.iRise 11.7.2 • Coming Soon in 2020!

iRise 11.7.1 • June 17, 2020

  • New Color Picker: In Editor, the new color picker now supports setting transparency, live preview, and shows recently used colors.

  • Blur and Shadow Support: In Editor, Blur and Shadow properties of widgets are now supported.

  • Individual Padding Support: In Editor, top/bottom/left/right padding can now be set independently.

  • Letter Spacing Support: In Editor, letter spacing can now be set in pixels.

  • Auto Text Widget Naming: In Editor, text fields are now automatically named based on their content until they are explicitly named, so they are easy to distinguish in the outline panel and on reports.

  • Ctrl + Arrow Key to Resize Widget: In Editor, for a selected widget, pressing the Control Key and arrow keys resizes it. Size/Position pill shows during resizing.

  • Ctrl + Drag to Copy Widget: In Editor, for a selected widget, pressing the Control Key and dragging will copy the widget to the drop point

  • Hide Card Columns: In Manager, entire Columns can now be hidden and restored from a view.

  • Hide Views: In Manager, custom Views can now be hidden and restored (from the new Hidden Views section) by clicking the eye icon.

  • Attachment and Comment Icons on Cards: In Manager, new icons on the card face show how many attachments and comments it has.

  • Uploaded By for Attachments: In Manager, the name of the person who uploaded an attachment is now shown.

  • Vertical Alignment in Text Widgets: In Editor, the content of text widgets can now be vertically aligned (e.g. top/middle/bottom).

  • FIX: As always, we've also resolved a handful of bugs.

iRise 11.7 • April 27, 2020

  • Story Map View!:  In Manager, the new built-in Story Map view makes it easy to assign & manage User Stories, Requirements, and other cards across Epics.

  • Native Support for Epics:  In Manager, Epic is now a native card type.  Other cards (of any other type) can be assigned to an Epic . The native Type field values of Epic, User Story and Requirement cannot be deleted, but other values can be added/modified. 

  • Please review this [[article]] for information on how to update the schema of existing projects to take advantage of this new functionality. 

  • Related Cards List Now Native: A list of related/associated cards is now built-in, and doesn't have to be defined in the project schema.  Card ID, Name and Type (e.g. User Story, Test Case, etc.) are shown.  New links are automatically bi-directional.

  • Multi-object Dragging:  In Manager, multi-selected cards can now be dragged within and across columns.  In Editor, multi-selected screens can be dragged to re-order them.

  • Fix:  Pasting External Images:  In Editor, when zoom level was not at 100%, pasted object would be offset from the intended position.

  • Fix:  Widget Reparenting in Drop Over Mode:  In Editor, when Drop Over mode, moving a widget inside a container would erroneously reparent the widget to the screen.

  • Fix: Other various bug fixes and UI improvements

iRise 11.6.4 • February 3, 2020

  • Snap to Grid - In Editor, leverage grids to help you layout and design your screens and user interfaces. Easily toggle the visibility of the grid by clicking Grid: On or Grid: Off. Customize the grid settings by clicking the gear icon next to the Grid option at the bottle of the screen. Here you can update the grid style (line or points), the grid size (in pixels), and the grid color. 

  • Distance Markers - In Editor, with Alignment Guides: On, you'll automatically see the distance markers (in pixels) to the nearest widgets on the screen when you're moving or resizing a selected widget.

  • Drag Canvas - While creating prototypes in Editor, hold down space bar and drag the mouse/trackpad to reposition the canvas. This feature is especially useful when you're designing or editing the screen on a high zoom setting to move to a new section of the screen without changing the zoom setting.

  • Fix: Increased timeout for schema updates to very large projects

  • Fix: Other various bug fixes

iRise 11.6.3 • December 9, 2019

  • Add Screen/Master/Widget (+) Redesign: In Editor, adding screens, masters, and widgets is easier than ever. The redesigned Add (+) option on each respective panel allows you to quickly create new items from libraries or uploaded images, or you can create new blank screens, templates, masters, or widgets straight from the Add (+) option menu with one click.

  • Recent projects: Quickly switch between recent projects by accessing your last 5 recent projects accessible from the dropdown arrow beside the project name. The selected project will be opened in the same platform component that you accessed the list from: Editor, Manager, or Definition Center.

  • Email Notification Redesign: Email notifications have been simplified and redesigned for easier readability and to highlight user actions.

  • Update: Default group email notification subscriptions: For users in groups added to a project, in order to reduce email noise, the default selection for email notifications is now only "replies to me or mentions".

  • Fix: Resolved issue with group email notifications after group removed.

  • Fix: Resolved Player icon color issue for 1 or more related widgets, comments, or attachments.

  • Fix: Resolved @mention pop-up transparency issue in Player.

iRise 11.6.2 • November 5, 2019

  • Keyboard shortcuts in Manager: Review requirements cards at light speed by using the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to quickly flip between Manager cards. Press the Enter key to open the selected card and Esc key to close it.

  • Fix: Resolved issue that prevented adjusting widget format settings in Editor with arrow keys.

  • Fix: Resolved center text alignment issue for button, text, and input widgets.

iRise 11.6.1 • October 25, 2019

  • Keyboard shortcut in Manager: Quickly close an open card in Manager by pressing the Esc key.

  • Larger video attachment player: Review video attachments on cards in Manager via the larger player by clicking the Play icon on the video thumbnail.

  • Fix: In Manager, resolved card issue when sorting based on integer and decimal type fields.

  • Fix: Resolved several UI inconsistencies and other issues.

iRise 11.6 • October 11, 2019

  • Dark Mode: Editor and Player have been overhauled with a number of UI design updates to improve usability and productivity - accentuated by the new dark mode theme. Choose between dark and light color mode themes for both editing and reviewing projects. Select your default color mode preferences from the Definition Center, by selecting the dropdown arrow beside your name, and updating the color mode selections for Editor and Player.

  • Download Images: Provide downstream teams with images used on a particular screen or throughout the entire project by downloading images. From Editor, select the arrow beside the project name and select Download images... Choose From Current Screen or From Entire Project to download a zip file including all .jpgs, .gifs, and .pngs.

  • Instant Wireframes: Instantly convert your prototype to a low-fidelity wireframe using the new presentation modes in Player. Present your prototype in grayscale, as a simple or sketched wireframe, or with Comic Sans font applied. 

  • Native Top Google Fonts: Available natively in Editor, are the top 14 commonly used Google fonts including Roboto, Open Sans, Oswald, and more! You can still add your own custom web or Google fonts - reference this article for instructions.

  • 'Created by me' View in Manager: When you first access Manager, you'll see a new default view dynamically generated to display all requirements or stories     created by you!  Click the "Created by me" view to see the filtered cards by you (the logged in user).

  • Create new Screen from Manager card: While adding requirements and user stories in Manager, you can now create a new prototyping screen directly from the Related tab for a card and associate the screen to the card.

  • Quickly Zoom in Editor with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel: Zoom in and out on the screen while prototyping in Editor by holding down the Ctrl key while scrolling the mouse wheel or trackpad.

  • Click to auto-arrange field tab sequence based on location: In prototypes, the tab sequence for form fields can now be updated automatically, based on their left-to-right and top-to-bottom position on the screen. In Editor, click the 'Compute tab order' button on the Format > Settings tab for any screen.

  • Expanded Requirements tab in Editor: Creating and editing requirements and users stories alongside prototypes in Editor is easier with the expanded size of the Requirements tab - giving you more space to work on the cards.   

  • Start Screen icon: Easily identify the Start Screen for a project from the Screens panel in Editor and the Directory panel in Player with the new green Start Screen icon.

  • Fix: Manager column headers with long attribute names now are truncated with the full name displayed in a tooltip.

  • Fix: Related widgets with HTML tags in names display in selection dialog.

  • Fix: Related tab count is updated when related widgets are deleted from a screen without requiring a page refresh.

  • Fix: Deleted screens are made unavailable in the Associate to different parent drop down list without requiring a page refresh.

  • Fix: User initials now display in upper case on Manager cards for custom attributes of type: User.

  • Fix: Resolved issue that displayed all requirements in the Requirements Panel in Editor for projects without any screens, but with templates, masters, and/or custom widgets.

  • Fix: Resolved issue that unset Start screen when saving Start screen as a template.

iRise 11.5.6 • July 23, 2019

  • Requirements Card Detail Update: The Detail tab for a requirement card has been updated to include a screenshot of the parent screen and functionality to edit the parent relationship.

  • Default View in Manager: When you first access Manager, you'll see a new default view dynamically generated organizing all of your requirements or stories in columns by the values in Backlog, Status, or Type (provided one of those attributes exists in your requirements schema). 

  • New and Updated Libraries: We’ve released new content and updated some of the existing widget libraries - including Commonly Used Widgets, Google-driven Charts and Graphs, Login Widgets, Bootstrap components and more! Note: We don't automatically remove previous versions of libraries from your collection in case you have made updates or customizations. Reference this article for instructions on how to archive unused, inactive, or older versions of projects.

  • Email Notification Re-design and Updated Email Delivery Defaults: Email notifications have been re-designed for improved readability. Moreover, project Owners and Authors are automatically subscribed to email notifications when added to a project. A user can unsubscribe, if desired, from the Project Detail screen.

  • Download Images: Images used in Editor are now available for download from the Format tab.

  • Updated APIs: APIs are available for allowing integration updates to fields set to read only in iRise requirement schema and managing user preferences.

iRise 11.5.4 • June 5, 2019

  • Web Importer Chrome Plug-in iFrame Support:  Our exclusive iRise Web Importer plug-in for Chrome imports existing webpages in seconds, jump-starting your prototype development and literally saving hours of work.  Support for content in iFrames (with security setting of "sandbox" off) is now better supported. Download it from the Google Chrome Store here.

  • Alignment Guides Show During Widget Resize:  In Editor, smart alignment guides now show when resizing a specific widget, in addition to when it's being re-positioned. 

  • Setting Prototype "Start Screen":  In Editor, a specific screen can be designated as a "start screen", which is the screen that will be launched when a link to a project is clicked. When unspecified, the first screen in the screen list is played automatically.  It also designates which screen will be used for the project thumbnail shown in Definition Center's Project List and Project Detail pages.

  • Nested Masters Now Supported: In Editor, masters can now be nested up to three levels deep, enabling much more powerful and flexible re-usable components for prototype building.

  • Attachments Re-ordering and Text Descriptions: Attachments can now be re-ordered and annotated, making it easier to communicate the purpose of an attachment and prioritize the most important ones.

  • Card Count Totals in Column Headers:  In Manager, a count of the number of cards in a particular view's columns (e.g. To Do, Doing, Done) is now shown.

iRise 11.5.3 • May 14, 2019

  • Resizable Requirements Panel! The Requirements panel in Manager can now be resized to provide a "full size" document view of the requirements description, making it much easier to work on large, complex requirements cards.  With support for tables, bullets and more, its time to ditch text documents once and for all.

  • New and Updated Reports Available: 17 new and 6 re-designed reports are now available under the Reports tab.  Reports for Unassociated Stories, Epics, Feedback, Functional Specs, Screenshots, Text Copy, Stories by Backlog, and more can be customized as desired.

  • UI Refresh for Most Definition Center Pages: UI refresh implemented for the User Profile, User List, and Project List Pages on Definition Center.  More UI updates coming soon...

  • Field-level Audit Trail Performance Improved: Performance of the field-level Audit Trail has been dramatically improved when loading change history for a specific requirement in a large project.

  • FIX: iRise iOS Mobile App: Several bugs were fixed in the iRise Mobile app for iOS, which allows for on-device review of prototypes. 

  • FIX: Long Schema Attribute Names: Schema attribute names can now be more than 64 characters. 

  • FIX: Images Duplicated When Imported: Fixed error that sometimes duplicated images when following a specific sequence of user actions.

iRise 11.5.2 • April 9, 2019

  • Ability to Re-order List of Views In Manager: The list of Views in can now be re-ordered by dragging them.

  • Views Panel In Manager Resizable: The Views Panel in Manager is now resizable.  A tooltip shows the full name of the view if it is longer than what the current panel can display.

  • Play Video Attachments Without Downloading Them: Videos uploaded as attachments to a card in Manager can now be played without downloading them first.  Simply click the Play icon on the video thumbnail.

  • Tables Supported in Requirements Card Descriptions: Requirement card descriptions now support organizing details within tables.

  • Horizontal Scrolling for Mobile Page Types Can be Disabled: Horizontal scrolling can now be disabled for mobile type pages in a prototype.

  • SVG Image Type Now Supported: SVG images are now supported for image widgets and background images in prototypes.

  • Fix: Viewstack rules edits made after initial rule creation now persist.

  • Fix: Custom Reports - screenshot resolution, extraneous blank pages at end of certain reports removed, and page orientation issues resolved.

  • Fix: Cards not associated to a parent screen/master/widget now indicate "No Parent" in the "Parent" section of the "Related" tab instead of "ADDED_REQUIREMENTS".

  • Fix: Custom widgets that have associated requirements now appear without a browser refresh when dropped onto screen. 

iRise 11.5.1 • March 12, 2019

  • Rich Text Support in Prototypes: Text widgets now support rich text (a.k.a. Text Spans).  Change the color/bold/italicize/underline a word, highlight an important phrase within your text widget with a different background color, font or font size, and more. Simply highlight the portion of your text widget that you’d like to format and update the attributes in the Format > Style panel.  

  • Rich Text Support in Requirement Card Descriptions: In Manager, requirement card description fields now support rich text such as bold, italics, strike-through, images, bulleted/numbered lists, and checklists. Mark-down text editing mode is still available.

  • Relate Multiple Requirements to a Parent Screen: Whether you’d like to move requirements between existing screens or you created requirements before you started prototyping screens, you can now quickly assign multiple requirements at once to a single Parent Screen in Manager. Multi-select individual requirements (Cmd/Ctrl+Click) or a range of requirements (Shift+Click), click the Related tab, and update the Parent Screen for all of the selected requirements at once. 

  • Improved Commenting - Browsing, Editing, Deleting: When adding Comments to requirements in Editor or Manager, you may need to reference additional information as you’re writing the Comment. When you flip between the Detail, Related or Attachment tabs on the card or even between other requirements, the Comment being edited is temporarily retained while browsing. Note: if you switch to a different component of the platform (such a Reports or Audit) before clicking Comment, your Comment will not be saved.  Also, existing comments can now be edited and deleted.  From the requirement card’s Comments panel, Comment authors can edit their own Comments and Project Owners can delete any comments.

  • Default Manager Views in SimBank sample project: Need some ideas for how to setup custom views in Manager?  The SimBank sample project has been updated to include a collection of views to demonstrate how you can sort, filter, color, and organize requirements by attributes like type, status, priority, created and modified dates, created and modified authors, completed flag, screen relationships, etc. From the Dashboard or My Projects, click the Create New Project button, and select the SimBank 2.0 project template from the Create New Project dialog to create your own SimBank sample project to review and experiment with in Editor, Manager, and Player.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented the Completed flag from being populated in custom report templates.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that occasionally changed table dimensions in Editor after reviewing the project in Player.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused an error when adjusting widget positions for vertical stacks on move.

  • Fix: Resolved display and layout issues with the Comment panel in Manager and Player.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue in Firefox that prevented scrolling to the bottom of the browser in Manager to see all requirements.

iRise 11.5 • December 10, 2018

  • Easily review all activity for an iRise project using the new Audit Trail module: Accessible from the Audit tab (available once a project is open, located after the Play tab) is an inventory of all activity for your project. Review where new comments were added, when screens were deleted, how requirement description and priority values have changed, and more!  Types of activity captured in the Audit module include edits (creations, deletions, and updates) to the prototype, requirements, or comments and reviews of the screens within the project, as well as changes to custom reports. The name of the user performing the activity and date/time of the activity are also displayed. For contextual filtering, you can launch the Audit module from a screen or master in Editor or an open card in Manager.  The list of activities will automatically be filtered by the respective element. Filter further by Activity Date or User and Search for specific activity from the search and filter bar at the top of the module. Please review this article for detailed information and instructions on how to utilize the Audit module.  The following activities are not currently captured: Comment Edit/Delete, WebImporter and requirements import events, and iDoc exports.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash when filtering on custom date attributes with latest date filtering enhancements in Manager.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused an error when copying and pasting widgets with different parent containers in Drop Over mode.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that required two undo operations for a subset of single creations/operations in Editor.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash when dragging in the filter bar to update configuration in views in Manager.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash when updating text in Document View in Studio.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash when creating requirements relationships in Document View in Studio.

iRise 11.4.3 • October 31, 2018

  • Filter Requirements in Manager by Date:  Filter, sort, search, and organize requirements by their date attributes with the new date filters in Manager.  For any requirement attribute of type date, you can filter to view requirements on, before, after, or between specified date(s). You can also leverage the date filters to create custom views to see, for example, all requirements that were created yesterday, modified after 10/1/2018, with a due date between today and Friday, and more!  Review this article for detailed instructions on using the date filters.

  • Update: Scrollbar behavior in Manager: When dragging the scrollbars in Manager, the Details panel will remain open for the selected requirement.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused an error when copying and pasting widgets with different parent containers in Drop Over mode.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused the incorrect screen to load in Editor after switching from Editor to Preview and back to Editor.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused the incorrect view/requirement to load in Manager after switching from Manager to Editor and back to Manager.

iRise 11.4.2 • October 12, 2018

  • Sort Manager Cards by Attribute: Sort your requirements cards in Manager in ascending or descending order based on your custom requirement attributes.  In the Search/Filter bar, simply type either the attribute name you want to sort on or the keyword ‘sort’ to view the list of all sortable attributes.  Add up to two attributes to drive the sort order for your requirements.  Review this article for detailed instructions on customizing sorts.

  • Show Multiple Attributes on Manager Cards: Add multiple attributes to the requirement cards displayed in Manager.  See the requirement title along with any other attributes like description, priority, and status at a glance in your custom views.  Review this article for more information.

  • Scroll to Card in Manager: Easily maintain context of your selected requirement as you move between columns in Manager with the auto-scroll to card functionality. Review this article for an example.

  • Updated Markdown Support: Review this article to see the updated markdown support available for formatting Comments and the Description field for Requirements Cards, including support for checkboxes.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that could cause an error after resizing groups including non-sized widgets such as checkboxes.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused an unexpected card modification error when editing a requirement card.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused an error in Firefox after duplicating a view and switching to Preview.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that may cause an error after duplicating an element associated to a "Launch File" action.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused an error when working with tables containing a large number of table cells.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue within the Outline Panel that caused a Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded error.

iRise 11.4 • September 17, 2018

  • Apply Vertical Stack Layout to Containers: Easily prototype expanding/collapsing sections, accordions, progressive disclosure design patterns, menus, and more using the vertical stack layout for containers.  In the Format > Setting tab, change the Layout value from Absolute position - where child widgets are positioned according to their top, bottom, left, and right pixel or percentage values in the Format panel to Vertical stack - where all child widgets automatically align the topmost, leftmost position, stacked within the container. Review this article for detailed instructions on how to leverage the Vertical stack layout.

  • Set Default View for Viewstacks: In Editor, set the default view in a viewstack to assign which view is displayed by default in Player when the screen loads. By setting the default view, you can freely switch between and make edits to alternate views in Editor without impacting which view displays for reviewers in Player. Review this article for instructions on how to set the default view for a viewstack. 

  • Create Checklists in Requirement Details: Manage requirement tasks with clickable checklists in the details field when viewing requirements in Player, Editor, or Manager. When editing the details for a requirement, format numbered or bulleted lists with empty [ ] and checked [x] checkboxes using Markdown. Click the Formatting Help link or review this article for the required syntax. 

  • Security Update: Upgraded to the latest SpringFramework version to address Spring vulnerabilities and

  • Share Links to Custom Views in Manager: While reviewing requirements in All Items or any saved custom view in Manager, click the new link icon to 1-click copy the link to the view you’re reviewing. Share the link with any users with Edit or Owner permission on the project.

  • Share Link Redesign: 1-click the link icon from the Reports module or from Player to instantly copy the link for a report or screen respectively. 

  • Requirements Card Design Update: The ID# on the Requirements Card has been replaced with an Edit icon in Player and Editor for 1-click access to edit requirement details.

  • Custom Reports Module Enabled: Now, by default, the custom reports module is enabled for cloud and on-prem Definition Centers.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue in Studio that caused a container to continuously expand.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused Editor to become unresponsive when trying to paste (ctrl-v or cmd-v) from outside of iRise.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that did not capture image file extensions via Take Screenshot functionality in iRise Web Importer.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that resulted in unsupported Editor content when moving widgets via the Outline panel above or below a Viewstack with data driven rules.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented inline editing of requirements titles from the Requirements panel in Editor.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that incorrectly rendered the Editor workspace when navigating from Preview or Player back to Editor.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that incorrectly converted characters when validating Folder and Project names. 

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented projects from being created on the Definition Center after receiving and resolving an error related to folder path length.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused an error when exporting to Requirements Excel Export via the Definition Center Avatar Custom Reporting tab.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash when dragging a widget from the widget panel before the thumbnail was rendered.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash when editing link actions within table cells.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused ArrayIndexOutofBounds Exceptions when no file was selected on a link to file action.

  • Fix: Resolved as issue that intermittently resulted in loss of data while frequently switching between Edit, Preview, and Play.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash when adding requirements in Player while the same screen was open in Editor in another tab in Firefox.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash when creating a duplicate view then quickly trying to move the view.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented users from scrolling to the bottom of a screen when flipping a screen to landscape orientation for mobile prototypes on device.

iRise 11.3.6 • May 8, 2018

  • Requirements in Editor: Capture and reference requirements alongside the screens you’re prototyping! In the new Requirements panel in Editor you’ll find functionality that you’re already familiar with from Manager and Player. Click the + icon to add new requirements, click existing requirement cards to see the related widgets on your Editor Workspace, or double-click existing cards to access requirement details, related components, attachments, and comments. Shortcuts to commonly used actions and referenced information are accessible from the related icons on the requirement cards. Click the pin icon to launch the new widget picker that allows you to select related widgets from the user interface or Outline panel.  Please review this article for detailed instructions on creating and updating requirements in Editor.

  • 1-Click Copy Link from Player: While reviewing your project in Player, click the new link icon from the iRise toolbar to instantly copy the link to the screen you’re reviewing. Share the link with users with project permissions by pasting the link into internal messaging apps or email. Leverage the 1-click functionality to accelerate connecting your iRise screenshots to Jira issues with the free iRise Plug-in for Jira.

  • + Add Requirement Shortcut: From Manager and Player, quickly add requirements by clicking the + icon at the top of any column of requirements.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that displayed the created and updated timestamps on the Project Detail screen in UTC.  Updated to display in user’s local time to match the Dashboard display. 

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that automatically expanded table widths in Editor.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented the Set Text or Value action from clearing values in IE11.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that incorrectly rendered the Project Summary Overlay from the Guides library in Editor and Player in IE11.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented the Low-fi iBloc from being applied to images and borders. iBlocs -- custom widgets and actions that can be used in iRise prototypes -- are available for download here. Please see the article here for instructions on using iBlocs in Editor.

iRise 11.3.3 • March 8, 2018

  • New Actions available in Editor to make your prototype more interactive! Previously only available in Studio, the following actions can now be created and updated in Editor:

  • Link to File (Download): This action allows you to provide a file for Reviewers to view/download.

  • Set Text or Value: This action allows you to edit or clear the text or values within user input fields, buttons, text widgets, or supported iBlocs on the screen.

  • Enable, Disable, and Toggle Enable/Disable widgets: These actions allow you to enable or disable or toggle between enabled and disabled states for any button or user input field on the screen. 

  • Scroll Containers: This action allows you to scroll any Section container on the screen. You can scroll to or by any pixel or percentage value.

  • Scroll to Widget: This action allows you to scroll to a specific widget on the screen.  You can optionally choose smooth/animated scrolling over a custom duration.

  • Window Controls: Refresh, Go Back, Close, Close & Refresh, and Print: These actions allow you to control the browser window behavior.  

  • New Menu Widgets Library: Now pre-installed, the Menu Widgets library includes a number of different easily customizable menu widgets that you can drag and drop on your screens. Choose from light and dark styled menus, icon menus, or mega menus, then update styling, sizes, and menu options as needed. Review this article to learn how to how to use and modify the widgets you'll find in the menu library. 

  • New Guides Library: Now pre-installed, the Guides library was built with the Reviewer experience in mind.  Leverage the Guides library widgets in Editor to annotate your prototypes with walk-through notes, step-by-step instructions, help overlays, or project overviews that guide your stakeholders as they're reviewing/using a prototype in Player.  Review this article to learn how to use and modify the widgets you’ll find in the Guides library.

  • Requirements Card Redesign: For better consistency, the UI of requirement cards in Player now more closely resembles the requirement cards in Manager.  Additionally the requirements detail panel can now be resized and includes new icons for easy access to commonly used actions and referenced information, making the requirements definition/review process more intuitive for all users.

  • Update: Default scrolling behavior: For any new containers created in Editor, the default horizontal and vertical scroll settings will be set to No, Hide Overflow.

  • Update: Save user inputs action: In addition to saving values entered into native user input fields, you can now save values from supported iBlocs in Editor.

  • Custom Reports module available for on-prem customers: Previously only available for Cloud customers, the Custom Reports module is now also available for on-prem customers. Your iRise administrator must enable the CR module after upgrading. Please review this article on how to run the new reports, and this article for detailed information on how to create or modify Custom Reports.  

  • Security update: Tomcat updated to 7.0.85 (released Feb 13, 2018) which resolves multiple vulnerabilities, including two that would allow unauthorized users to gain access to web application resources that should have been protected. 

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented scrolling via dragging or mouse wheel scrolling in Manager.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that incorrectly encoded external links in Manager during integration synchronization.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused crash when triggering the ‘Clear variables’ action if no variables exist in the project.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented requirement details panel from opening in Manager after deleting, duplicating, or completing a card.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that incorrectly positioned viewstacks within a container, within a table cell with center or right cell alignment.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented adding the same file or files with the same name multiple times in Manager.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue where selecting the ‘Do not change view – remove’ option from the Switch views action in Editor would fail.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented adding requirements using the + button for large projects in Manager.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused a crash in Manager when adding a second requirement without committing the first requirement.

Notice: Unload trigger type deprecated in Editor and Studio.

iRise 11.3 • January 25, 2018

  • Powerful, new Custom Reports module: Accessible from the new Reports tab (available once a project is open, located in between the Share and Play tabs) are a new set of template/default reports: “Epics”, “Functional Specification”, “UI Specification”, “Feedback”, “Screen Text”, “Screenshots”.  These templates (including their headers and footers) can be cloned and/or completely customized using CSS and HTML to perfectly match your team’s report design standards.  An unlimited number of additional reports can be created.  Values for all properties of Requirements, Screens, Masters and Widgets in the project are available to include in the reports, and a list of these items can be filtered as needed. Direct links to online reports can be shared with stakeholders, or reports can be exported to Microsoft Word format.  Which reports are available by default can be customized by your iRise Admin under “Administration & Settings”. Please review this article on how to run the new reports, and this article for detailed information on how to create or modify Custom Reports.  Note that this feature is only available for iRise Cloud customers at this time, and is disabled by default. Please contact iRise support if you’re an iRise Cloud customer, and want this feature enabled.  Custom Reports will be available for on-premise customers soon.  

  • iDoc Import under My Projects tab: When importing iDocs, now only files with the .iDoc extension are shown in the file browser.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the iRise Studio application running on Windows computers with Hi-DPI monitors would incorrectly render Studio fonts too small.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented Manager and Editor from running newer version of Firefox on some Windows machines.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue in the Web Importer plug-in for Chrome which caused property updates for certain imported Text widgets not to be saved.

  • Fix: Resolved a Studio issue that caused Studio to crash when adding a new chapter to a scenario from the toolbar.

  • Fix: Resolved a simulation issue that caused requirements text to overlap when in Document View.

  • Fix: Resolved a simulation issue that caused Screen pop-ups to ignore their specified screen dimensions and instead opened as a full-size browser window.

iRise 11.2.2 • Aug 10, 2017

  • Web Import plugin for Chrome: The Web Import plugin for the Chrome Browser allows you to import already published web pages as the basis of your prototypes. Instead of rebuilding them from scratch, you can import pages into iRise with just a few clicks. It can literally turn hours of work into a few minutes. You have two options: import a page that's created using individual widgets (which can then be edited in iRise) or as a complete single image. Once imported, you can build functionality on top of the imported page. 

  • Screen settings display: The screen type, screen alignment, and screen orientation settings now appear directly on the top toolbar so they’re always in view and easily editable.

  • New overflow/scrollbar options: There are more options for scrollbars on containers like Sections and Screens:
    Auto: automatically add a scrollbar if there is overflow content
    Yes: always show a scrollbar
    No, hide overflow: do not show a scrollbar and clip/hide any overflow content
    No, show overflow:  do not show a scrollbar, but display any overflow content (bleeding out of the container)
    No, expand to fit: do not show a scrollbar, but automatically expand the container in Player to fit overflow content

  • Pop-up in new tab: The Link action in Studio now supports opening a link in a new browser tab. Previously, pop-up links would only appear in a new browser window. 

  • Updated APIs: New APIs are available for managing Definition Center folders, groups, and users.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that preventing nudging elements to a negative X,Y position.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that sometimes caused Viewstacks to move unexpectedly when switching Views. 

  • Fix: Resolved an issue related to “Save as a Master” that sometimes created a Master with incorrect dimensions. 

  • Fix: In the requirements schema, a “Person” attribute of cardinality one is now properly restricting to single-user selection in Manager.

iRise 11.2 • Jun 23, 2017

  • Set screens to Fit width of the browser window: Under Settings for a Screen, you'll see a new Fit width option. The width of the screen will automatically adjust (from the width set in Editor) to the width of the browser in Player. The height of the screen will remain fixed to the height set in Editor. Use this setting to prototype fluid web pages. Use Fit to window to prototype applications with independent scrolling panels. Both the width and height of the screen will automatically adjust (from the size set in Editor) to the size of the browser in Player.

  • New size and position settings to support fluid/responsive layouts: You can now size and position elements by percentage or pixel. Elements can also be positioned relative to any edge or corner, not just positioned from the upper left corner. New layout options control how the size and position of an individual widget will adjust as it's parent container resizes. For example, you can set an element to appear 10px from the bottom right corner of a section/screen, even as the section/screen is resized.

  • Set units quickly by entering them in size and position values: You can now directly set units quickly by including “px” or “%” when setting size and position values in the Property Panel.

  • Support for negative (X,Y) position values: You can now use negative values to set Left (X) and Top (Y) positions. 

  • New Action: Scroll Containers: [Studio only] This action allows you to scroll any Section  container on the screen. You can scroll to or by any pixel or percentage value. This action will be added to Editor soon. 

  • New Action: Enable/Disable widgets: [Studio only] This action allows you to enable or disable any button or user input on the screen. This action will be added to Editor soon. 

  • Updated Action: Edit User Inputs: [Studio only] In addition to setting the value of user input fields (like Text Inputs or Selects), you can now set the value of a Text, Buttons, and iBlocs. You can also clear the value by entering {{clear}}. This action will be added to Editor soon. 

  • Updated Action: Jump to Widget: [Studio only] You can now jump to a widget with smooth/animated scrolling with a custom duration. This action will be added to Editor soon. 

  • Automatic Proxy configuration (PAC) : Studio has support for automatic proxy configuration in proxy settings. Studio users will have to provide their PAC url to take advantage of PAC support. 

  • Fix: For widgets without explicit dimensions (usually Text or Button widgets), the calculated width and height values in the Property Panel are now displayed as placeholder text to visually distinguish them from explicitly set values. 

  • Fix: Resolved an error that sometimes occurred when attempting to draw a TextArea or Select widget with an explicit height. 

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented unassigned requirements from appear in copied projects. 

  • Library update: Basic Widgets 3: Some widgets and templates have been updated to include fluid layout. New widgets: Modal Dialog, Panel, Panel - Collapsible, Carousel

  • Library update: iOS SimKit 3: Some widgets and templates have been updated to include fluid layout. New widgets: Custom Switch, Floating Action Button, Drawer

  • Library update: Icons 3: Includes the most common Fontawesome icons that can be easily resized and colored.

iRise 11.1.16 • Apr 19, 2017

  • Fix: Resolved is a performance issue that sometimes occurred after viewing the “Related” tab in the Manage module.

iRise 11.1.15 • Apr 14, 2017

  • Set size by percentage: You can now size elements by percentage or pixel. This is the first in a series of updates to better support dynamic, fluid layouts in iRise. When you size an element by percentage, its dimensions are relative to the size of its parent container.

  • Requirement notifications include links to “Manager”: Requirement notification emails now include direct links to both the requirement in Manager and to the related screen in Player.

  • Fix: Now in all browsers, you can use the Up/Down arrow keys in the Size and Position fields to increment by 1 or use Shift+Up/Down to increment by 10.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused the Font selector to incorrectly show “not found” in certain scenarios where custom web fonts were being used.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented certain email address formats from being accepted.

  • Fix: API to Get Projects By Path now correctly returns projects within sub-folders

  • Fix: Projects used in a custom Sidebar or a custom Project Tab no longer appear in “Recently viewed” projects.

iRise 11.1.14 • Apr 13, 2017

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented the Modified By from updating on requirements

  • Fix: Resolved is a performance issue that sometimes occurred after viewing the “Related” tab in the Manage module.

iRise 11.1.13 • Apr 7, 2017

  • Fix: Only show unique font names in the font selector

  • Fix: Support for fonts with numbers in the name

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that sometimes caused Sections created via Wrap in a container to expand in size

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that sometimes caused Table cells to expand in size

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented some custom iBlocs from loading

iRise 11.1.12 • Apr 4, 2017

  • Zoom to fit: Added two more zoom options. Fit: automatically zoom out to display the entire screen. Fit width: automatically zoom out to show the full width of the screen

  • Fix: resolved issue that sometimes occurred with double-clicking on text inputs of certain types like date or range

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented subfolders in Libraries from appearing in Editor.

iRise 11.1.11 • Mar 29, 2017

Custom Fonts! Let’s face it - typography is important. The world is full of beautiful fonts, and now you can add them to your iRise projects. With a tiny snippet of CSS, you can add web fonts or any of the 600+ Google fonts to your iRise projects. Your prototypes will never look the same.

Include external images in your prototypes

  • Now you can set an Image source via URL, instead of uploading the image file to the project. This allows you to use images from any public website or public file in Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. That way, if the image changes, your iRise project will automatically be updated.

  • Now under Format, you can also set a the Background Image source via URL, instead of uploading the image file to the project.

Added support for background image scaling: Under the Format panel, you can control the scaling of background images:

  • Auto: Use native size of the image file (no scaling)

  • Cover: Scale the image to completely cover the background area while maintaining the aspect ratio of the image. 

  • Contain: Scale the image to the largest size such that both its width and its height can fit inside the content area

  • Stretch: Stretch the background image to completely cover the background area. 

Drag and drop in the Outline panel (and more): 

  • Finally you can drag and drop widgets in the Outline to reorder the layering. You can also move widgets in and out of containers using the Outline. 

  • The Outline correctly scrolls to show the widget selected in the workspace

  • The Outline correctly expands containers to show the widget selected in the workspace

  • Double-click to rename a widget

  • Outline search is retained when you navigate from screen to screen

  • When searching the Outline, containers with no matching children now display with a down arrow to clearly indicate there are no children

  • Outline now uses a checkbox to more clearly indicate visibility and enhance usability

Update multiple requirements at once: Now you can multi-select individual requirements (Cmd/Ctrl+Click) or a range of requirements (Shift+Click) and apply a change to any of the fields on the Details panel.

Fix: resolved an issue that sometimes caused a “Version mismatch” error message to appear in Manager.

Fix: resolved several issues that caused widget associations to show improperly under certain circumstances

Fix: Fixed is an error that occurred in the iRise mobile app that occurred when creating a project from photos in the camera roll. Also resolved an error that could occur when creating hotspots in the mobile app.

iRise 11.1.10 • Feb 22, 2017

List View in Screens Panel: Added an option to display a more compact “List view” of screens

Performance: Several updates to improve overall performance in the web-based editor

Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented some shapes with decimal dimensions from appearing in Player.

Fix: Resolved an issue that sometimes clipped the first character of text entered into a table cell.

Fix: Correctly displays an error message when you attempt to duplicate a screen or master with unsupported content.

iRise 11.1.7 • Jan 1, 2017

Alignment guides: Temporary snap‑to guides that appear when you insert or move widgets. They help you align elements relative to other objects.

Zoom Zoom!: What's better than 100%? When it comes to zoom, just about anything. Zoom in to make detailed adjustments or zoom out to see the full screen.

Highlight active elements in Player: Reviewers can tap or click anywhere in Player to show all of the active UI elements on the screen.

Present in grayscale: Presenting in grayscale can help communicate the incomplete nature of a prototype. It can also help to reduce feedback on visual style — like colors, fonts, and graphics — and keep your audience focussed on user flows, interactions, and functionality.

New Comment and Requirement markers: Now in Player you'll see a marker on all widgets that have associated comments or requirements. 

Prototype “drag-and-drop” interactions: Enable “drag” on any Text, Image, Section, or Table element. Then use the “on drop” trigger to prototype the resulting effect. 

Fix: Resolved error that could occur when moving a requirement from one screen to another.

iRise 11.1.6 • Dec 2, 2016

User profile and Contact Cards: Add additional information to your iRise user profile, such as Title, Region, or About me. Some of this information will be displayed on your Contact Card. Also include links to your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. 

Connect your Slack and Skype accounts: Connect your iRise profile to your Slack and Skype accounts. Once connected, your colleagues can easily click on on your Contact Card to launch a direct message or call in the desktop Slack or Skype applications. 

Profile pictures: You can now add a profile picture that will be used throughout iRise in areas that display users, such as Permissions, Comments, and Requirements.  

Fix: Performance improvements and fixes for Table elements

Fix: Improved widget library loading time

Fix: Mobile prototypes are now centered within Player

Fix: Fontawesome 4.7 icons are now supported

Fix: jQuery updated to 1.12.4. iBlocs that are dependent upon earlier versions of jQuery may need to be updated.

iRise 11.1.5 Updates • Nov 1, 2016

Hide “extra” chapters in the Player directory panel: Now in Player, only Screen and Scenario chapters are be visible in the Directory panel by default. This makes reviewing much clearer for stakeholders that might be confused by Datasheet, Decision, and Master chapters. At any point, you can choose to “Show all” chapters. 

Fix: Performance improvements for Table elements

Fix: Performance improvements for Image elements

iRise 11.1.4 Updates • Oct 19 2016

New unified navigation: The new unified navigation bar makes it much easier and faster to navigate between editing screens, previewing changes, managing requirements, and sharing with teammates. 

See your collaborators: The new unified navigation bar now displays the profile pictures or initials of the people that are currently collaborating with you in a project. After 60 seconds of inactivity, the user’s profile will disappear. More communication features will be coming soon.

New project menu: The new unified navigation bar provides Rename, Download, and Delete options when viewing a project. More options will be coming soon.

Go fullscreen: Maximize your workspace by clicking the chevron icon in the upper right corner to hide the top-level toolbar. Shift+Click to go into fullscreen mode. Note: fullscreen is not available in IE11.

Copy formatting from one widget to another: Copy a widget and then use the right-click menu to “Paste formatting” to another widget. 

Prototype basic “drag-and-drop” interactions: Enable “drag” under the Settings panel for Text, Image, Section, and Table. Then add an action to the new trigger, “on drop,” to prototype the resulting effect. Note: not all drag-and-drop settings from Studio have been ported to the web-based editor yet, but more will be coming in the future. 

Search for text in the Outline: The Outline now includes text widget contents, button labels, shape labels, and image file names, making it much easier to identify and search for widgets in the Outline. 

Unlocked data rows: “Data rows” set up in iRise Studio are no longer locked in the web-based editor.

Ability to correct spelling while editing text widgets: You can now right-click on a misspelled word while editing a Text widget to correct the spelling.

New widgets in Basic Widgets 2.7: The updated library includes: 

  • Custom Select Input - a dropdown/select control that gives you more control over the styling, such as padding and corner-radius.

  • Search Box - includes a magnifying glass icon and placeholder text

  • Button Bar (iBloc) - easily configurable, iOS-style segmented control

  • Animated Spinner (iBloc) - easily configurable spinner widget

  • Google Map (iBloc) - a live, interactive Google Map with support for multiple address pins, driving directions, and view settings.

New fonts to support wireframing: Four new “redacted” fonts are now included that obscure the text into straight blocks or scribbles so that the text is illegible, but the viewer still gets the idea of where text will be without worrying about what the text actually says.

New widget library for wireframing: The new content includes both wireframe page templates and over 50 drag-and-drop widgets allow you to quickly create dynamic wireframes.  All widgets are fully customizable, so you can also use them to create your own wireframe library widgets. The new “redacted” fonts allow you to go from wireframe block or sketch style text placeholders to real text with just a few clicks.  These fonts allow you use your wireframes as a starting point for your hi-fi mockups, instead of wasting time building them again.

Fix: Better handling of user session expiration.

iRise 11.1.3 • Sept 30, 2016

Wrap widgets in a Section: Select a set of widgets and use the right-click menu to Arrange > Wrap in a container

Fix: Ability to clear the height of a table row, so that it can grow or shrink based on its contents.

iRise 11.1.2 • Sept 23, 2016

Basic iBloc Widget Support: iBloc widgets are no longer unsupported in Editor. Drag iBloc files from your desktop (or widget library) onto a screen to insert them. You can size, position, and configure iBloc widgets using the Format Panel. You can also add actions to iBloc-specific events (or triggers). The ability to dynamically set iBloc properties with data and capture data from an iBloc widget is coming soon. 

Select all shortcut: Added Cmd+A / Ctrl+A shortcut key for “select all” children of the selected elements. Use Cmd+Shift+A / Ctrl+Shift+A to retain the original section while selecting all children.

Fix: Comment notifications are no longer re-sent when copying a page containing comments.

iRise 11.1.1 • Aug 8, 2016

Multi-select chapters: You can now select multiple screens in Editor to copy or delete. 

Fix: While editing the Description field in Manger, hit Ctrl+Enter (Win) or Cmd+Enter (Mac) to save.

Fix: Resolved issues related to resizing rotated elements.

iRise 11.1 • July 28th, 2016

Apply your own CSS: CSS is a simple language that describes how a widget should appear. Now you can apply your own CSS to any widget. This opens up the door to add as much fidelity as you need. Use it to add shadows, gradients, image borders, and more. See this example. You can also use the Format action to apply custom CSS to a widget in response to a user event, like a Click or Swipe.

Insert HTML: You can now insert HTML into any Section widget, which makes it really easy to embed maps, videos, and charts from other sites. Just grab the embed code or HTML snippet from Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, or Google Docs and paste it into the settings for a Section. See this map example. Insert HTML is also supported in iRise Studio.

Font Awesome icon support: Editor now includes support for FontAwesome, a font that gives you access to more than 600 scalable vector icons that you can easily size, color, flip, and rotate. To insert, just copy any icon from and paste it into a Text or Button widget. Then apply the FontAwesome font. In an upcoming release, we will add a native icon picker directly in Editor.

No more chapter lock-out: If you’re using Studio to add dynamic data and logic to your prototypes, but still want to use Editor to make updates, iRise 11.1 makes things much easier for you. Screens and Masters with unsupported (Studio) content are no longer completely locked. Only the unsupported widgets are locked, so you can make changes to the rest of the page.

Lock aspect ratio: You can now lock the aspect ratio for most widgets. If you change one dimension (height or width), the other dimension will automatically be changed to maintain the shape and proportions.

“Empty view” support: Now Viewstacks containing an “Empty view” are supported, no longer locking the Viewstack from updates. When creating Viewstacks, you can now create an "Empty view" which can be used as an invisible view or as a placeholder for another widget.

Copy to another project: You can now copy screens, masters, and widgets to another project.

Copy actions: You can now copy and paste actions from one widget to another. Copy a single action or the entire action sequence.

Animation option for Format Action: When using a Format action, you can now choose to animate the transition over a specified time period.

New Basic Widgets Library (v2.6): This updated library contains a few new widgets that will save you time: FontAwesome Text, FontAwesome Button, Lightbox Dark, Lightbox Light, Map, Video, Audio, Google Chart, and iframe. Give them a try.

iRise 11.0.4 • June 22nd, 2016

Editor performance improvements, particularly with complex pages using many masters.

iRise 11.0.3 • May 27th, 2016

Hitting Ctrl+Alt+E repeatedly now toggles the version string on and off in Editor, the way it does in Manager.


  • Sections in the properties panel lose their expand/collapse state when you switch tabs/panels.

  • Double-clicking a select widget to edit the options: if you immediately hit the Delete key it deletes the last character but also deletes the select widget.

iRise • April 28th, 2016

Placeholder text: New capability to specify some default placeholder text for text input and text areas.

Text input types: date, email, number, range, search, URL now available in the Settings panel.

Opacity: Can now be set in the widget formatting property panel and set by the Format Widget action.


  • Editor now works correctly when adding a hotspot; the Add Action dialog no longer appears and disappears.

iRise 11 • April 15th, 2016

Major release! Introduction of the new iRise Manager module

iRise • February 16th, 2016


  • Searching Widget Panel and rapidly dragging matching widget to screen was causing an error.

iRsie • January 27th, 2016

Feature / UI update

  • Right click menu to edit and delete actions.

Bug fixes

  • Intermittent error when deleting widgets.

  • Up and down arrow navigation not working in the actions panel.

iRise 10.5.8 • January 12th, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Editor crash when adding image from the toolbar in IE 11.

  • Fix for Background Image position settings in a style.

iRise 10.5.7 • December 15th, 2015


(requires Definition Center v10.5.3)

  • Link to website action (or any URL).

iRise 10.5.6 • November 11th, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for the workspace’s “Drop Highlight” behavior.

iRise 10.5.5 • November 10th, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve issues with searching for screens in the link-to-screen action dialog when screens have been renamed/deleted/inserted.

iRise 10.5.3 • October 28th, 2015


  • Improvements to the new Add dialog.

  • Automatically switch to the proper panel to show what was just added (screen/template, master, widget).

  • Upload Images button to create a screen, master, widget, or template from an image.

  • Search capability to filter long lists.

  • When you select a widget in the page, the outline auto-expands (and scrolls if necessary) to show the selection.

  • When creating a “link to page” action, show the list of screens immediately, so you don’t have to start typing a page name to get results.

  • Visually indicate in Editor when working on a Library or Project Template, by changing the color of the workspace background and project title, and appending “(Library)” or “(Project template)” to the title.

Bug fixes

  • Having the outline panel open while adding a screen doesn’t give the user a chance to edit the new screen’s name.

  • When screen search is active, inserting new screens doesn't rerun the search.

iRise 10.5.2 • October 16th, 2015


  • Support for viewing and editing screen templates from the Screens panel.

  • New “Add” dialog for creating screens, templates, masters, widgets.

  • Editor works in IE 11 compatibility view mode.

  • Improved compatibility between the different search fields (screens, widgets, recents, outline, link to page action).

Bug Fixes

  • Editor crashes when switching IE 11 compatibility view mode on or off.

  • Address server performance issue by removing project count from Intercom startup, and by switching the response to a project notification from fetching all projects to fetching only library projects (edited).

iRise 10.5.1 • October 1st, 2015


  • Show "Include Container" in the Settings tab when editing a custom widget.

  • When creating a new screen, switch the widget panel library to the library of the screen template, so the user has quick access to the related widgets.

  • Add "Search" capability to the screens list.

  • Handle session timeout from Definition Center and redirect to the login screen, (no more 'Music' dialog).

Bug Fixes

  • Error when you drop a custom widget and quickly drag it, (before the new instance is fully created).

  • Work around a server bug where an action sequence rule may have extra arguments.

  • Can't save view rules if the views are tables.

  • Error when you use the widget toolbar to create an image widget in the canvas, (vs. workspace).

  • Error in drop-into mode when you quickly drag a container view that has a nested container, such as a table and cells, or a section within a section.

  • Dropping a master into a master causes problems, so we no longer allow this.

iRise 10.5 • September 9th, 2015


Support simple data and logic operations:

  • Save the value of an input widget to a variable.

  • Set an input widget’s value from a variable, via the Settings tab.

  • Set a variable to a value.

  • Clear variable(s).

  • Set view rules based on variables and input widgets.

  • Choose action sequences based on variables and input widgets.


  • Add Table to the widget toolbar.

  • Improve arrow drawing, so the arrowhead is where you mouse up.

  • Improve mechanism to show & hide the left and right panels, including keyboard shortcuts.

  • New arrange/align toolbar in the properties panel.

  • Make the “Play” button more obvious.

  • Change property panel labels for radio buttons to clarify their meaning.

  • Ability to save one or more widgets as a custom (library) widget.

Bug Fixes

  • Can't draw a widget when you start your drag over another widget's resize handle or over a shape.

  • Error in actionPanel load chaptersList: Cannot read property 'weight' of undefined.

  • Error when going forward or backward in browser history.

iRise 10.2.6 • July 23rd, 2015


  • Widget toolbar to create simple widgets quickly.

  • Reorder action sequences in the actions panel via drag/drop.

Bug Fixes

  • BSM in hover highlight.

iRise 10.2.5 • July 9th, 2015


  • New “Help” button in top toolbar that opens the Intercom message panel, for users to ask questions and provide feedback. (Only available to trial users at first, eventually all users).

Bug Fixes

  • Context menu should say “Show” if you’re targeting a hidden widget; right now it always says “Hide”.

  • Clicking on a viewstack in a thumbnail in the Screens panel or the Add Screen dialog blocks the desired action (switching to or adding a screen).

  • Focus moves to the outline search box unexpectedly in certain cases.

  • Error while changing visibility of a viewstack that has all views hidden.

iRise 10.2.4 • June 24, 2015


  • Searching in the outline panel (match both widget names and text content).

  • Added button to upload screen images at the bottom of the 'Screens' panel (replaces 'Add Screen').

  • UI updates for the 'Paste from another app...' dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Switching views on a table fails intermittently.

  • BSM while deleting a button.

  • BSM while deleting an action.

iRise 10.2.3 • June 10, 2015


  • Shortcut key ctrl-alt-H / cmd-opt-H to create a hotspot (drag to size or click for fixed size).

  • Enhance drag & drop image files.

  • Auto-apply "page type" and "orientation" based on image dimensions and naming convention.

  • UI improvements to the add-or-replace dialog.

  • Live dragging of lines.

  • Support background image on solid shapes.

  • Change length of dash and dot on shape borders to match Studio/Simulation.

  • Show text cursor when you double-click on a shape/line with no label.

  • Ability to rename action sequences.

  • Make Chrome reload the project properly after an error.

Bug fixes

  • In drag-into mode, drag and drop of widget over a group of shapes reverts to original location.

  • Properties panel throws an error when deleting an image.

  • Deleting widgets via the outline panel doesn’t update the thumbnail.

iRise 10.2.2 • May 28, 2015


  • Project name in the center of the top toolbar: Click on the name to rename the project.

  • Download the project as an iDoc via the drop-down menu next to the project name.

  • Expand/collapse in the outline panel can now be applied to the whole outline (expand/collapse all) or just the sub-tree you right-click on (expand/collapse).

  • Drag and drop image files to the workspace or Screens list (new in 10.2.1) now prompts you to replace the existing or add new images if you drop updated image files with the same names.

  • New action type: format widgets.

  • New shapes: cloud, callout, actor.

  • New line types: S-line, S-curve.

  • Drag line endpoints directly now, instead of resizing the bounding box.

  • New context menu items to change line type and flip curvature.

  • Double-clicking on a locked container adds a text widget to the nearest ancestor container that is not locked.

Bug fixes

  • Sometimes lose text after double-clicking in a cell and hitting Escape to save the edit.

  • IE11: Editing a text widget and clearing the contents increases the height of the widget.

  • Double-click to add text widget to table cell should not replace existing contents.

iRise 10.2.1 • May 14, 2015


  • Drag and drop image files.

  • Into the Screens list to create new screens.

  • Into the workspace to create image widgets.

  • Right-click menu option to insert a “hotspot”.

  • Expand and collapse containers in the outline panel.

  • Left and right panels remember their state.

  • Shrink a container at the right/bottom to fit its contents when you clear the width/height.

  • Avoid popup blockers when playing or sharing a project; show a warning if it could not be avoided.

Bug fixes

  • Unable to update line height for table and row.

  • Cell size property does not change after you show hidden content in the cell.

  • In drag-into mode, dragging a widget over a locked container should work as though the locked widget is not there.

  • Can trigger an error if you change the workspace selection just before choosing action targets.

  • Short page thumbnails are not vertically centered in the Screens panel.

  • Double clicking empty table cell to insert text widget should show cursor in the cell.

  • Get error "Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of null” when rapidly clicking and dragging widgets.

iRise 10.2.0 • May 4, 2015


  • Diagramming.

  • Edit shape label in the workspace.

  • Select a shape only when it’s clicked on, not its bounding box.

  • Improved Format panel for solid shapes and lines.

  • Handle setting individual borders (e.g. top or left)on shapes.

  • Show selection border when shape has no fill or border color.

  • New actions for Moving and Resizing widgets (more actions coming soon!).

  • Can now create a text widget by double­ clicking.

  • Table enhancements:   Keyboard navigation for table cells (arrows, tab, return)   Right ­clicking menu items on table cell contents

Bug fixes

  • Don’t close the context menu when clicking on a sub-menu.

  • Changing table height via the properties panel is slightly off.

  • Error when clicking on cell contents after removing contents of another cell.

  • Slow performance when selecting a table in IE 11.

  • Multiple error scenarios related to stale move handles.

  • Improved border setting logic.

iRise 10.1.3 • April 16, 2015


  • Resize table columns and rows (vs. cells in the previous release).

  • Show table-related context menu items when right-clicking on cell contents.

  • Allow table cells to shrink when content is hidden in editor.

Bug fixes

  • Table borders may not be correct when rows or columns are added.

  • Table borders are not removed when “No Color” is clicked.

  • Dropping a widget into a table cell containing a widget cancels the drop, but should drop over the cell.

  • Decreasing # of columns in a table changes the width of a cell containing a widget.

  • Duplicating a column or row generates "INVALID MESSAGE" errors in the console.

  • Right­clicking on any area of Editor except the workspace causes a broken state machine.

iRise 10.1.2 • April 1, 2015


  • More precise control over table cell borders.

  • Keyboard navigation for table cells (arrows, tab, return).

  • Preserve table row/cell sizes on a table move.

  • Table enhancements:   Keyboard navigation for table cells (arrows, tab, return)   Preserve table row/cell sizes on a table move   More precise control over table cell borders

Bug fixes

  • Action highlights disappear when the action dialog is closed but the actions panel is open.

  • Cannot lasso select table cells or their children.

  • Firefox on Windows: deleting cell contents not working properly.

  • Chrome: can't set image on image widget via double click.

  • IE 11: drag/drop a select/checkbox/radio button from the widget panel fails.

  • Form widgets improperly inheriting text formatting inside a table.

  • Can’t set text formatting on a table cell that contains a master ref when the master contains text widgets.

  • IE 11: Dragging a select widget from workspace to a container does not highlight the drop container.

  • Firefox (Mac & Win), IE 11: error when you double click on a table border.

  • Get an error if you press a key while the “drop into” highlight is visible.

iRise 10.1.1 • March 18, 2015


  • Hitting Delete when one or more table cells are selected deletes the cell contents.

  • Clarify context menu labels for table operations, reorder to keep row & column operations together.

  • Type to insert/overwrite text in a table cell.

  • Apply table/row/cell text formatting to levels below, including child text widgets.

  • Table enhancements:   Type to insert/overwrite text in a table cell   Delete when one or more table cells are selected deletes the cell contents

Bug fixes

  • Unable to open color picker when two text widgets with different colors are selected.

  • Fix move handle rendering in containers with relative positioning.

  • Tooltip for vertical align in Style panel is incorrect.

  • Move to screen fails for a child of a table cell.

  • Align/distribute does not work inside a container in a table cell.

  • Decreasing table column count via Settings panel does not decrease the table width.

  • Moving a container in a table cell moves it to the screen, i.e. outside the table.

  • Unable to move a group that contains a table by clicking and dragging the table.

  • Work­around for server bug when typing text into a cell.

  • Hard to select a table as an action target.

  • Error when removing table rows or columns via property panel settings.

iRise 10.1.0 • March 10, 2015


  • Basic tables are now supported in Editor. The “Basic Widgets 2.3” library includes sample tables to get you started.

iRise 10.0.2 • February 2015


  • Scroll the page (if possible)when a widget is dragged past the edge of the workspace.

  • Sharpen font rendering in Mac Chrome and Firefox browsers.

  • Add tooltips to most user interface elements.

  • Make the “unsupported content” dialog smaller.

  • New keyboard shortcuts:   Simulate project: cmd-Enter / ctrl-Enter   Add action: cmd-K / ctrl-KNew screen from template: cmd-opt-N / ctrl-alt-N   Group: cmd-G / ctrl-G   Ungroup: cmd-shift-G / ctrl-shift-G   Hide: cmd-shift-H / ctrl-shift-H   Show: cmd-shift-H / ctrl-shift-H  [hidden widget can be selected via outline]

Bug fixes

  • Selecting a different widget while rapidly nudging one keeps nudging the first one.

  • During nudging, the selection overlay sometimes lags behind the widget.

  • Update the dynamic view switcher to show the correct number of views after undoing or redoing a view add or delete.

  • Dropping a library widget on the edge of a container fails.

  • Deleting a widget on the page is not reflected in the outline panel.

  • Moving a section that is a dynamic view and is part of a group throws a spurious “ungroup” warning, but only in Drop Over mode.

  • The Settings tab of the properties panel does not update when a viewstack (dynamic display) is selected.

  • Sometimes you get drag behavior when you wanted a click.

  • In IE 11, the select, radio button, and checkbox widgets cannot be dragged from a library except by their edges.

  • Background image on a library widget is not carried over when dropped on a page.

  • Move handles are lost when deleting a widget that is directly on the page.

  • Dragging a widget from a library while in drop-into mode does not show the highlight and tooltip.

iRise 10.0.1 • February 2015


  • Switch view actions can now target a dynamic view inside a dynamic view

  • When choosing a library in the widgets panel, new screen dialog, and new master dialog, it was not always clear that one of the choices is the current project. The list of libraries is now divided into two groups: the current project and the libraries on the DC.

  • Fixed several properties panel issues with losing focus or selection when tabbing or clicking between fields.

  • Better handling of the default option for Select widgets.

  • Escape key support:   Clear workspace selection   Commit a text edit   Cancel renaming a screen or master in the left panel   Cancel renaming a widget in the outline panel

  • When renaming a screen or master, clicking on a different thumbnail now commits the change.

  • Improvements for handling legacy screens with unsupported content:   No extra popup for screens or masters with unsupported widgets   Restyled “not supported” dialog, including a link to online help describing what is and isn’t supported   No error message if the first screen of a project has page-level unsupported actions

iRise 10.0 • January 20, 2015

  • Editor released!

Release Notes downloads 

iRise v11.2 Release Notes - 06/23/2017

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