Move project from Trial to Purchase
A guide to moving your prototype from Trial to paid Definition Center instance
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Transferring you Project from Trial to Purchase

Congratulations on purchasing iRise and welcome! If you have projects created using your free trial, you can transfer them from the Trial Definition Center to your purchased Definition Center using the following steps.

  • Locate the folder where your projects are, or type the first few characters of your project name in the Search for a Project box in the navigation bar.

  • Select the checkbox next to the project

  • Select More Actions button > Export to iDoc 

  • You should now have an iDoc saved on your machine in your Downloads folder.

  • Log into your paid Definition Center, which will be in the format https://[yourname] 

  • Go to the My Projects tab

  • Select a folder or create a new folder, (left hand side of the page)

  • Select More Actions button > Import iDoc

  • Navigate to the folder where your iDoc is stored and select your iDoc, then give your project a name in the 'Import As' field.

You're all done! Any problems, contact Support for assistance.

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