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Create a "public" prototype
Create a "public" prototype
Share your prototype with anyone. No login required.
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When you make a project "Public", a new share link is generated, allowing anyone with the link to review the prototype and add feedback without logging in.

To create a "public" project:

  1. Log into the iRise

  2. Find your project and select the project title link (go to the SHARE tab)

  3. The project will be private until you select Public from the dropdown

  4. You can then send the Public link to anybody you want to review the project

If the downdown is disabled, contact you iRise administrator or iRise Support about getting public projects enabled. 

  • Please note that if your Definition Center is configured with SAML or LDAP, public projects are not supported.

  • Public projects are only enabled on Team or Enterprise plans. 

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