Once you have upgraded your Definition Center to 11.1.10 or higher, you will be able to configure your Slack Integration.  The setup for your integration requires a Definition Center service restart, so it will affect your users connecting and working on Definition Center projects.  

Navigate on your server to the irise.properties file located in iRise/DefCenter/Tomcat/conf.  Scroll down to the following line, and set as 'true'.


Later on in this setup, we will need the list you currently have configured in the same file for the below. If you note what is listed now, that will help this configuration move quickly. We will also need the FQDN.


Save the file, and restart the Definition Center service.  Next, you will need to input the Slack keys.  Log in to the Definition Center as an Administrator, and go to your profile>Administration and then select the 'Keys' option.

Go ahead and give Support a call to get this key, (866) 361-3900.  We'll need to set up a web meeting with you.  On that same call, we will also need that list of names you have configured for your whitelist.  

Now you're all set.  Check out this article for using the Slack Integration.

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