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Using the iRise Mobile App
Using the iRise Mobile App
How to download, connect and use the iRise Mobile App for iPhone & iPad
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Download & install the App

Browser: Login to the Definition Center and click on your name in the top-right > Install iRise apps. Select iRise Mobile for iOS.

You'll be directed to a link to the app on iTunes.

From the AppStore on your iOS Device: Search for iRise and install the App.

Using the iRise App

1. Open iRise on your device and hit the blue Connect button.

2. Enter your Definition Center name, your username & password. Ensure you don't prefix your Definition Center name with http(s)://. By default, TLS encryption is enabled. All iRise cloud instances are TLS encrypted, so you can leave the settings as default. 

Hint: If you're an On Premise customer, look at the browser URL that you use to connect to the Definition Center, as many of these details will be contained in the URL. For example, if you use TLS to connect to the Definition Center, the URL will start with https:// instead of http://. After that is the name (or IP address) of the Definition Center followed by either a colon or another forward slash. If you access the Definition Center on a port other than 80 (http) or 443 (https), that port number will follow the colon.

3. If you have a successful connection, your project list will be displayed. You can click the squared box to toggle between icon and list view. Simply tap on the project name to simulate the project.

4. At the folder level, clicking on the Cog/Gear icon will allow you to amend your Definition Center connection information. 

Create a New Project from Screenshots

Pictures you've taken on your iOS device can easily be converted to screens in a new project. This is done at the folder level by selecting the Cog/Gear icon > New Project from Screenshots

Simply select one or more pictures from your camera roll or albums and each image will create a new screen in a new project in a new folder. The folder will be named iOS_[yourusername] under the root folder. Your project will be named by the device type and date/time (e.g. iPhone 6 Project 2017-Mar-01_09:55:57).

Features available when simulating the project

When you play your project, simply touch and hold the screen to see a list of features available.

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