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Installing Avatar™ Dashboard Sidebar
Installing Avatar™ Dashboard Sidebar
How to configure & enable a dashboard sidebar on the Definition Center
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iRise Avatar™ software allows you to add new functionality to Definition Center without writing any code. The software is free and available to download from the Extensions section of iDocs & Extensions. This article explains how to install a custom Avatar™ Dashboard Sidebar.

Note: You must have Administrator privileges on the Definition Center in order to perform this task.

1. Import the downloaded dashboard iDoc onto the Definition Center (or create your own) Tip:  a good place to store your Avatar™ iDocs is the Customizations folder.

2. Play the project simulation, then click on the More actions icon > Send link:

3. Select the entire link and copy to clipboard:

4. Click on your profile on the top right-hand side and in the dropdown list, select Administration & Settings.

5. Select Customizations, then click on the Edit button under Avatar™ Dashboard Sidebar.

6. Click the Yes radio button on Enable Dashboard Sidebar and paste the link and press the Save button.

7. Change permissions on the Avatar™ project to allow all Definition Center users to access it (the Everyone group).

Contact Support for further help.

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