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How to embed or link to video
How to embed or link to video
Embed or link to a video using Editor
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There are a few methods for adding video to your prototype. We'll show you two quick methods here.

Embed a video within your prototype

This method uses the embed code (iFrame) of a hosted video, such as Vimeo or YouTube.ย 

Select a screen you wish to embed a video in. Switch to the Basic Widgets library, and drag the video widget onto the screen.

With the video widget selected, go to the formatting tab, and go to settings. Paste the embed code for your video into the Insert HTML section.

That's it! Of course, you can resize the video widget as needed.

Link to a video on click

This method will open a video that's hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or other site on click of a widget.

Right-click the target widget, and choose Add action.ย 

In the resulting dialog, select Click as the trigger, and Link to website as the action.

Paste the video link into the next screen, and optionally apply additional parameters (delay, popup).

You're done!

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