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Overview: iRise Team and Personal Trials
Overview: iRise Team and Personal Trials
Team and Personal trial differences, trial length, converting from trial to customer, how to get started, purchasing, and other FAQs
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Which trial is right for me, Personal or Team?

A Personal trial is single-user account - for use when you'll be the sole creator of prototypes and requirements/user stories. You might be freelancing, working at a startup, or you're just the only person on your team that will be creating projects in iRise. 

Team trials are intended for multiple users - it allows trial users to co-author and collaborate on prototypes, requirements and user stories. Your dedicated trial instance is customized and configured based upon your needs (including in some cases integrations with Jira or Azure Devops). After you complete the trial request form, we'll have a short call to confirm the details for provisioning your trial instance.

Personal vs Team Plans


  • Single Editor account and unlimited reviewer accounts

  • Max of 10 projects

  • Online reviews with comments, notifications

  • No public projects

  • User story management with card view

  • Instant reports

  • 14 day trial


  • 1+ Editor accounts and unlimited reviewer accounts

  • Real-time collaboration on prototypes and user stories

  • Public share links and private projects

  • Reuse assets through shared libraries

  • Instant customizable reports

  • Mentoring sessions and premier support

  • 14 day trial + JIRA and Azure DevOps (TFS/VSTS) integration trial environment available

Click here to see full plan comparisons.

How do I get started?

Personal trial: Complete the trial request form here and select "I want to try the Personal Edition (single-user)"

Team trial: Complete the trial request form here and select "I want to try the Team Edition (multi-user)"

Make sure you select the correct trial edition during signup (as shown above)

What happens after the trial?

If you decide to purchase iRise from a Team trial, we'll convert your Team trial instance to your permanent workspace, so all your trial work stays intact.  

If you're a converting from a Personal trial, you can easily move your projects into your permanent workspace after purchase.

Click here to see options for purchasing.

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