Custom Requirement Attributes
Tutorial: Customizing requirement and user story attributes.
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For each requirement or user story, you can capture additional details that you need, like as Type, Status, Priority, or Story Points.

iRise allows you to capture requirements or user stories directly in the context of the screens and UI elements they describe. For each requirement you can capture additional details, such as Type, Status, or Priority.  

To view and edit these additional requirement fields, you can do any of the following:

  • Click on the ID number (ex. #1402) of the requirement

  • Click on the “info” icon

  • Choose “Edit Details” from the menu

For each project, the requirement fields can be customized the match the way your team works. Perhaps in addition to “requirements,”  you want to document user stories, UI specifications, open items, or business objectives. Or perhaps your Agile team wants to capture Story Points and Sprint assignments.

You can customize the set of requirement attributes, known as a “schema,” from the Requirements Panel in Player.

See Project Requirements Schema for more information. Some technical knowledge is required to customize the schema, so please consult your iRise administrator or an iRise support representative if you have questions.

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