Project Templates
Tutorial: Sharing reusable assets and custom components (requirements schemas, reports, views, and widgets) to jumpstart project creation.
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A Project Template is a pre-built collection of screens, masters, and widgets that you can use a starting point when creating new projects in iRise. In addition to the reusable assets, Project Templates can also include a default schema for your requirements or user stories, standard project information, custom reports, and custom Manager views. Create multiple Project Templates as starting points for different types of projects - specific to a methodology, a team, or any other use case. Project Templates promote consistency and reusability and to accelerate overall project creation.

To create your own Project Template, start by creating a new iRise project in the “Project templates” folder on the Definition Center. Next, create the prototyping components and custom schema, reports, and views just like you would in any other iRise project.  

When your Project Template is complete, add people or groups to the project from the Share tab with View and Comment permission, so your Project Template will be available in the Create Project dialog for those users.  If you'd like other users to add to or collaborate with you on the Project Template, provide them as Edit or Owner permission.


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