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Introduction to iRise
Introduction to iRise
Video intro and tour of the iRise platform - prototyping tool, requirements/user story management, collaboration, and documentation.
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In this video, you'll learn about what makes iRise different than all other requirements management and prototyping tools. iRise is the only platform that combines drag-n-drop prototyping with simple drag-n-drop requirements management so you can communicate clearly and validate that you're managing the right requirements and user stories.ย 

Prototype-driven requirements management gives product mangers, business analysts, and user experience designers a fast and powerful way to prototype new products, features and enhancements fast. Requirements and user stories are captured "in-context" of the functionality they describe using the prototype. This allows teams to validate with everyone involved that they're defining the right requirements โ€“ all before development begins.

iRise also integrates with the leading ALM tools like Jira and Microsoft TFS, unifying every tool in your SDLC.

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