Product: iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac
Versions: all


Mac OS X has a security feature called Gatekeeper, that when enabled prevents applications distributed outside of the Mac App Store from launching. Launching Studio results in the error: "iRise Studio" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

This document describes how to disable Gatekeeper to allow Studio to run.


To disable Gatekeeper for iRise Studio only, run the following command in your terminal: sudo xattr -cr /Applications/iRise\

To disable Gatekeeper for all applications moving forward, please follow the steps below:

Gatekeeper settings are located in 'System Preferences > Security & Privacy'. The default setting is 'Allow applications downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers'.

Change this to 'Anywhere' and confirm by pressing 'Allow From Anywhere'.

Note: The option to change may be hidden. The default state of Gatekeeper as of Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) is to hide the Anywhere option, enter this command in Terminal to reveal it: sudo spctl --master-disable

If the options are grayed out, make sure to select the lock icon to allow you to make changes.

Note: Once an application is successfully launched, it no longer goes through Gatekeeper. You can restore Gatekeeper settings to either 'Mac App Store' or 'Mac App Store and identified developers' after successfully launching Studio.

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