Ensure your Identity Provider (IdP) is SAML 2.0 compliant.
Ensure your current iRise subscription is in the Enterprise tier.

After notifying iRise that you would like to enable SAML by emailing

iRise will generate a metadata file (sp.xml) for your instance, and provide this to you via email.
iRise will generate a spreadsheet of existing users within your Definition Center (if applicable), and provide this to you via email.

The next steps will need to be completed on your end:

Import the sp.xml provided by iRise to your IdP in order to setup the trust. A metadata file should then be available for the new relationship. Please provide this to iRise on the same email thread.
Provide the attribute that will be sent from your IdP for authentication (sAMAccountName, email address, etc.)
Provide the attributes for each user listed in the spreadsheet provided by iRise (if applicable).

From there, iRise will coordinate the migration to SAML with your technical contact, and all other applicable parties.

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