The Audit module gives teams full visibility into the who, what, and when for all iRise project activity - including prototyping or requirement/issue card creations, edits, or deletions, as well as any comments or reviews.

Prototype and field-level activity history can help meet corporate compliance as well as regulatory needs.

Launching the Audit module

The Audit module (available once a project is open, located after the Play tab) launches in a new browser tab and provides all activity history for an iRise project. 

When no screen or card is open, activity history for the entire project is displayed. Prototype and requirement/issue card attributes and the values they are set to or changed to are both highlighted and displayed in the activity record.  

Contextual launch

Clicking on Audit while editing a screen shows that screen's activity history:

Clicking on Audit while editing a (requirement/issue) card shows that card's activity history.  Changes to a card's description are shown in a color-coded "track changes" format:

Activity History Records

Activity history records include the following data elements:

  • Date/time

  • Activity type

  • Activity description (hyperlink to respective module and screen/card for activity)

  • User (hyperlink to user's Definition Center profile)

  • Project (hyperlink to Share module for the project)

Activity Type Color & Icon Key

Activity type is represented in text, but also by color (for the action completed: created, edited, deleted, or reviewed) and icon (for the iRise element on which the action was performed: card, comment, prototype, or review).  Easily scan the project activity history for specific action or iRise element types represented by the following color and icon combinations: 


Project activity can be further refined by defining the filters by Activity Date and/or by User from the filter:

Using Editor
Using the Custom Reports Module

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