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Filter Requirements in Manager by Date
Filter Requirements in Manager by Date
Filter, Sort, Search, and Organize requirements by Date-type attribute On, Before, After, Between, or a Specific Date.
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You can filter your requirements based on the date field in iRise Manager. This will allow you to create views and organize your requirements with a focus on the date. For example, you can sort by all requirements that were created yesterday, modified after a certain date, or filter requirements between certain dates.

To start filtering by date, type the name of the date-type attribute that you want to sort by into the filter bar. 

Once you have found the attribute you want to filter by, select the filter by [attribute] option. In this case I am using the Created attribute to filter by the creation date of the requirements.  Once you select that attribute, you will see a list of available date filters. Select the one you want to see to filter the requirements.

After selecting that filter, finalize the selection by clicking on the blue Done button that shows up in the dialogue. This will sort your view by the filter you chose. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or check out the support portal at You can also reach a member of support by using the 'Chat with us' button at the top right of your Definition Center interface.

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