Markdown is a simple language used to add formatting to text. iRise uses a modified version of the Markdown syntax for the description field for requirement cards. With the Markdown syntax, you can easily style and quote text, as well as add links, images, lists, checklists, and more in Comments and requirement Description field.

Comments can be added to requirements or screens by a user with View and comment, Edit, or Owner permission on a project. Description field text can be entered or edited from any requirement's card (from the Requirements Panel in Editor or Player or from Manager) by a user with Edit or Owner permission on a project.

Markdown Syntax

Review the images below.  The image on the left is the syntax required to create the formatted text - entered in the requirement's Description field.  The image on the right is the text formatted and displayed in the requirement's Description field.  The same syntax requirements apply to Comments.


Style text using the following syntax:


Create header by adding 1 to 6  # characters before your text.  Heading size will be determined by the number of # characters that you use:

Alternately, use two or more =  and - characters on the line under your text to create text formatted as Header 1 and Header 2 respectively:


Quote text or code using > and ` characters:

Create inline links by wrapping the word or words that you want the user to click on in brackets [ ] , followed by the URL wrapped in parentheses ( ) :


Create lists by preceding text lines with - or * characters, ordered lists by preceding text lines with a number, and tasks lists by adding a space and [ ] for an unselected checkbox or [x] for a selected checkbox:  

Note: the checkboxes will be editable/clickable for users with Edit or Owner permission from the formatted state.

Create nested lists by indenting one of more list items below an item in a list:


Add images by starting with the !  character, followed by the optional alt attribute text for the image wrapped in brackets [ ] , followed by the image URL wrapped in parentheses ( ) :

Ignoring Markdown

Add a \ before the Markdown character to ignore formatting:

Additional Information

You can review the full Markdown documentation available here. However, we do not share GitHub’s custom support for emoji code, section links, referencing issues and pull requests, or mentioning teams.

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