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iRise Web Importer Best Practices
iRise Web Importer Best Practices
Tips to get the most value out of the iRise Web Importer
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This article will cover a few tips and tricks to utilize when importing page using the Web Importer tool. These tips will help you maximize your efficiency when importing screens and cut down on rework. 

1) Rename Containers and Widgets in iRise

If you've used the Web Importer, you're probably familiar with this tip. When the Web Importer brings in widgets and containers, it automatically names them based on the values in the HTML of the page itself. Renaming the widgets will make it easier for you to browse the outline and pick out the specific widgets you're looking for. 

2) Save specific elements as Widgets or Masters to reuse later 

Once you've imported a page into iRise, you might want to re-use specific elements like the header or footer. To accelerate the process without needing to re-create any of the assets, you can save the necessary containers or other items as Custom Widgets or Masters

Right click on any of the items you want to save and select the Save as Widget or Save as Master options to appropriately save whatever you need to re-use. 

3) Use a combination of Web Importer and Screenshots

Web Importer is a great tool to bring your web-apps and websites in to iRise, but it can't account for everything. Sometimes you will have a complex iFrame or other part of the page that Web Importer won't be able to import to the level of fidelity you want. In those cases, you should use Web Importer to bring in as much of the page as possible, then layer screenshots over the rest of the page where the functionality is not covered by the import. 

If you have any questions or comments about the Web Importer functionality, please let us know here or by contacting iRise at . You can also reach us by using the 'Chat With Us' feature available on your Definition Center.

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