Applies to: iRise Definition Center v11.3.3+ [on premise installations]
Summary: As of v11.3.3 the Custom Reports module is available for on-premise customers. Your iRise administrator must enable the CR module after upgrading. Please review this article on how to run the new reports, and this article for detailed information on how to create or modify Custom Reports.

Enabling CR:

  1. Connect to the server where iRise is installed via RDP (Win) or SSH (Linux)

  2. Open this file in a text editor after taking a backup copy:  x:/iRise/DefCenter/Tomcat/conf/ 

  3. Locate this string toward the bottom of the file:  irise.reports = disabled 

  4. Edit the string like so:  irise.reports = enabled 

  5. Restart the iRise Definition Center service for the changes to take affect.


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