Using the Window Control Actions
Learn how to use the Window Control Actions
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You can use window controls to help add functionality to your prototype. the states of widgets. These actions allow you to control the browser window behavior:

  • Refresh

  • Go Back

  • Close

  • Close & Refresh

  • Print

Review the video below to see an example of the action being built in Editor.

To add a Window Control action to a widget in Editor:

Note: this will be the same approach for all Window Control actions.

  1. Select the widget that will be the source for the interaction, e.g. the 'Accept' checkbox.

  2. Open the Actions panel.

  3. Click the Add Action button.
    Note: You can also right click the widget and select Add Action from the menu.

  4. Select the desired trigger, for example 'Click' and the desired action, for example 'Print' and click the Next button.

  5. Optionally add a delay and click the Done button.

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