Using the Set Text or Value Action
Learn how to set text or values interactively using Actions
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You can edit or clear the text or values within user input fields, buttons, text widgets, or supported iBlocs on the screen. Review the video below to see an example of the action being built in Editor. 

To add a Set Text or Value action to a widget in Editor

  1. Select the widget that will be the source for the interaction, e.g. the 'Fill Form' button.

  2. Open the Actions panel.

  3. Click the Add Action button.
    Note: You can also right click the widget and select Add Action from the menu

  4. Select the desired trigger, for example 'Click' and the desired action, 'Set Text or Value' and click the Next button.

  5. Click the Select widgets button, which will put the cursor in a 'targeting' mode that allows you to pick which the widget(s) for which you want to set or clear text/values.
    Note: It is important to name the widgets so that you know which widgets you will be editing in the Outline panel.

  6. Choose the target widget(s) by clicking widget(s) directly on the screen or by clicking the widget name(s) in the Outline panel.  
    Note: The action dialog is draggable, if you need to move it to see the full Outline panel.

  7. Type the text/value you want to set for the selected widget(s), or click the x to clear the widget(s) text/value completely.

  8. Optionally add a delay and click the Done button.

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