In addition to bundling Tasktop Integration Hub with certain iRise products, iRise has partnered with Tasktop - the leader in ALM and DevOps integration - to design a QuickStart services package to help you get your first integration up and running. This services package is sold by iRise and delivered through a series of virtual sessions led by your designated Solutions Consultant at Tasktop. 

*Note: If you are not sure if your organization has acquired a iRise product that supports integration, please contact If you are not sure if you have acquired the QuickStart services package, please contact


The Tasktop Quick Start Enablement package is designed to help you rapidly deploy Tasktop Integration Hub (TIH).  The package provides training, best practice recommendations, support for the installation of TIH in your environment - and assistance in configuring data flows between iRise and your target ALM system (for example JIRA and TFS/VSTS).  Utilizing the Tasktop Deployment Methodology, your tool administrators will be empowered with the knowledge and skills to install, configure, extend, and maintain TIH to meet your needs. 

The Tasktop Quick Start Enablement package itself consists of up to 10 two-hour, sessions led by your designated Tasktop Solutions Consultant over screenshare. During these sessions, you will work with your Solutions Consultant to configure your first repository mapping between iRise and your target integration platform - including your first artifact type and up 15 field mappings.


Before starting your QuickStart engagement, please review this article: Getting Started with iRise and Tasktop Integration Hub. It contains details on how to download the required Tasktop software, acquire a license key, access the Tasktop Customer Portal containing users guides (including hardware requirements and installation). 

The article also contains links to register for free Tasktop Integration Hub training. You must register for the free training before starting the QuickStart engagement. If you can complete the training in advance it will go a long way to making your engagement successful. 

Also prior to your QuickStart engagement, you will need to complete a Partner Deployment Questionnaire. Your iRise representative may have already provided the questionnaire to you, but if not, please contact The questionnaire covers basic information about your team, objectives and environment that iRise will communicate to Tasktop. Once iRise receives your Partner Deployment Questionnaire, we will contact you to schedule a Kickoff Meeting.

The Kickoff Meeting

The Kickoff Meeting will be attended by both an iRise Customer Success representative and your Tasktop Solutions Consultant. Your team should include your iRise administrator and whomever you have selected to be your Tasktop Integration Hub administrator. Whenever possible, you should also include an administrator for the system with which you will be integrating iRise - and someone familiar with the desired integration flow.  

During the QSE and After Completion

After the kickoff meeting, your primary contact for integration implementation will be your Tasktop Solutions Consultant. After the completion of the engagement, the Tasktop Solutions Consultant will notify iRise and iRise will be your primary point of contact for Support going forward. 

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