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On Demand iRise Basic Training
On Demand iRise Basic Training
Structured training videos with follow-along exercises
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The On Demand iRise Basic Training course provides an introduction to the iRise platform as well as fundamentals of prototyping and requirements elicitation, validation, and collaboration. For each module, there is a training portion that will introduce you to a new topic, followed by a set of hands on exercises for you to follow along and complete with the video. 

Target Audience: This course is suited for new users who will be building prototypes and asset libraries, capturing requirements and feedback, and facilitating review leveraging the iRise platform.  This course is also beneficial for existing users who would like to become more familiar with the latest version of the iRise Platform (v11+).

Total Run Time of All Videos: 3 hours

Instructions & Pre-Requisite Checklist

Modules should be completed in sequence as the hands-on exercises build on each other throughout the training. 

PDFs of both the slides and the participant workbook (hands-on exercises) are available for download below.  Within the zip download are files used to complete the hands-on exercises throughout the training. 

Before you begin, make sure to do the following:

  • Existing Customers:  You have an author account on an iRise Definition Definition Center (v11+)

  • Non-customers: Start a free iRise trial here

  • Download and unzip participant files by clicking the button below

Training Videos

Module 1: iRise Overview and Quick Start

Overview: Introduction to the iRise platform and quick start approach to building basic prototypes.
Module Run Time:  18:44 minutes


Module 2: Building Screens

Overview: Create user interfaces and process flows from screenshots, library assets, and widgets.  Customize layout and design using style and setting formatting.
Module Run Time:  23:10 minutes


Module 3: Promoting Reusability

Overview: Create reusable assets to share common screen layouts, design patterns, media, icons, branded UI elements, interactive widgets.  Leverage library components to accelerate prototyping, enforce consistency, and promote reusability.
Module Run Time: 13:48 minutes


Module 4: Building Basic Interactivity

Overview: Create basic navigation and actions to triggered by user actions.
Module Run Time:  17:55 minutes


Module 5: Capturing Requirements

Overview: Capture requirements and custom attributes in context of the prototype.
Module Run Time:  5:00 minutes


Module 6: Facilitating Collaboration

Overview: Collaborate with the project team, stakeholders, and reviewers on the iRise platform.  Capture contextual feedback.  Generate custom reports.
Module Run Time: 15:56 minutes


Module 7: Building Dynamic Experiences

Overview: Create dynamic user interfaces and experiences with Viewstacks.
Module Run Time:  7:33 minutes


Module 8: Incorporating Data

Overview: Capture and display user input data throughout your prototype.  Leverage variables to create rules to drive dynamic displays or dynamic navigation and actions.
Module Run Time:  30:11 minutes


Module 9: Enhancing Fidelity

Overview: Experiment with advanced features to enhance visual and functional fidelity in your prototypes.
Module Run Time:  19:16 minutes


Module 10: Managing Requirements

Overview: Leverage iRise Manager to search, filter, sort, view, and manage your project requirements in a dedicated space.
Module Run Time: 18:04 minutes


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