Creating Widget Libraries
Kick start your pre-built screen layouts and UI elements
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Shared Libraries make it easy for anyone to assemble screens from pre-built screen templates and UI elements that teams can customize. Use Libraries to share design patterns, common screen layouts, media, icons, branded UI elements, interactive widgets, and more.

To create a new widget Library, start by creating a new project. Blank projects will not contain any widgets by default. To add a widget, change the Library selection in the Widget panel to the current project.

At the bottom of the panel, click the “Add new widget” button. A small canvas will appear for creating content. Add your widgets and actions and use the Format panel to give your new widget a name.

If you have already laid out widgets on a screen that you’d like to reuse, you can quickly save them as a new widget using the right-click menu.

Once your set of widgets is complete, move your project to the “Libraries” folder in Definition Center. Make sure you share the project with anyone else that needs access. To give others access to use your Library, add them as Reviewers. If you want all Definition Center users to be able to see your projects, add the Everyone group.

To collaborate with others on the Library, add them as Editors.

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