This article describes the steps necessary to disable the collection of anonymous usage data by Definition Center, Studio, Editor, Reader and Mobile via Google Analytics, Mobile Analytics and Intercom Chat Feature ('Ask us a question' chat in Definition Center & 'Help' chat in Editor).

On the Definition Center, the same parameter controls Analytics, Mobile Analytics & Intercom. If the parameter is disabled, all Analytics and Chat Feature will be disabled.

Definition Center/Editor (v10 and above)

  1. Open this file in a text editor: iRise/DefCenter/Tomcat/conf/

  2. Locate the # Google Analytics enablement section towards the bottom of the file.

  3. Change = true to = false.

  4. Restart the Definition Center service.​


  1. Launch Studio and go to Preferences
     Mac: iRise Studio > Preferences
     Windows: Edit > Preferences 

  2. Uncheck Usage data collection in the General Preferences section.

  3. Restart Studio.

Reader (v9 and above)

  1. Launch Reader and select Product Improvement Program from the Help menu.

  2. Uncheck Participate in the Product Improvement Program.

  3. Restart Reader.

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