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Sharing projects
Sharing projects with other users
Sharing projects with other users
Assigning project permissions and sharing projects with users & groups (stakeholders, developers, QA, project team, collaborators, etc.)
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Share your projects with other users to collaboratively build prototypes or write requirements or for users to review your project and provide feedback.    

Any user who you wish to share your project with must have an account on the Definition Center.  

If Definition Center user accounts exist, you're ready to share: 

  1. Access the Share module 

  2. Click Invite People to add users, set permissions, and optionally send an email notification

Contact your iRise Administrator to inquire about creating Definition Center accounts for the users with whom you want to share your project.

Note: If your project is assigned as a public project, Definition Center accounts do not need to be created for users to view and comment on your project.  Learn more about public projects here.

Access the Share Module

To access the Share module: 

From Editor (or Manager, Preview, or Reports), click Share from the navigation bar.

From the Definition Center, click on the Project Name link.

Invite People

Add People

Start typing user names in the People field to add people with Definition Center accounts to your project.  You can also type group names and all members of the group will be granted permission on the project. See this article on how to manage group members. 

Select Permission

Determine which permission the added people should have on your project:

  1. View/comment - will allow the user to interact with the prototype and comment on the project. 

  2. Edit - set the permission to Edit if you want the user to be able to edit the project as well as view/comment. In order to edit a project, the user must be granted the Author role.

  3. Owner - similar settings to Edit, but will allow the user to delete the project.

Review this article for more information abou project permissions and roles.

Email Notification

Select the checkbox to send an email notification to the user. The invitee will receive an email notifying them that the project has been shared, their permission on the project, and a link to the project. 

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