The Web Importer plugin allows you to import existing web pages into iRise to kick-start your prototyping. You have two options: import a page that's created using individual widgets (which can then be edited in iRise) or as a complete single image. Once imported, you can build functionality on top of the imported page. Using Web Importer to help create custom libraries is also a great use.

*iRise 11.2.2 is required to use the plugin.


See image below that corresponds to the instructions

  1. Install the Web Importer Chrome plugin

  2. If you are not already logged into an iRise Defintion Center, you'll be asked to do so. 

  3. Select whether you'd like to import the page into iRise as individual widgets or as a screenshot.

  4. Select the project you'd like to import the page into

  5. If desired, change the NAME field

  6. Click the red import button - it will turn green and display a check icon when the import is complete

  7. Navigate to the corresponding iRise project on your DC and refresh - you should now see your imported page at the bottom of your Screens panel.

  8. *If you happen to use more than one Definition Center, you can switch your DC by clicking the bottom pencil icon.

*You need Owner or Editor level permission on a project to be able to use Web Importer. 

Depending on the structure of the HTML page, some modifications might be necessary in iRise to the imported page (the font used might require licencing, spacing tweaks, etc...). In most cases however, the importer plugin does a great job of giving you a huge jump-start on your prototyping. 

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