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Example: Utilizing Actions Based on Select Widgets
Example: Utilizing Actions Based on Select Widgets
How to perform actions based on a select widget
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You can utilize a variety of different widgets to perform a multitude of actions. In this article, I'm going to go over an example of utilizing actions on a select widget. For this example, I will be creating the functionality to change which page the user navigates to based on the item they choose in the select menu. 

Place a select widget on my canvas. Adjust the options with the Format > Settings tab. For this example, I will create a select widget with two different choices, "Choice A" and "Choice B"

Add an action to the select widget with the Trigger set to 'Change', and the Action set to Link to Screen.

Once this action is created, you'll see it populated under the Actions panel for this specific widget. 

Add more actions to this widget. To ensure that we have a different action depending on the selection we make, create a new action sequence for the second action. 

After we've created the new action sequence, we will set the rules dictating which action sequences to take on change. The rule I'm going to put here is based on the select widget that I've created, named Select. The first action sequence will direct me to Screen 1. The second option will take me to Screen 2 

Once you've completed these steps, your dropdown will navigate you to screens dynamically based on the selection. 

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