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 iRise Adoption Center v9.0 and above

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More Information:

 Adoption Center v9.0 and Definition Center v9.0 introduced significant changes to the licensing model for users. Rather than use license files generated from the iRise Software Download site Studio clients now gain access to the tool through connection to a Definition Center on which they have been granted the Author role. This article details steps to modify License Approval Emails in Adoption Center so that they make sense with these changes and also details steps to modify users in both Adoption Center and Definition Center to reflect the new Author role.

License Approval Emails

The older license approval emails do not apply to the new model since they reference license files that a user downloads and installs. Currently the backup and restore process in the v9.0 version of Adoption Center will restore your original customized pre v9.0 email templates. These templates will not work with the software. After upgrading to v9.x Adoption Center but before running the restore process which restores data and the old templates, make a backup of the new v9.0 email templates to use as reference in modifying your old files. Run the restore process and use the saved v9.0 email templates to modify your restored templates removing the references to license files. ​

User Account Type Change

When you upgrade your Definition Center to v9.0 or above from a pre v9.0 version, all users are set to the role of Reviewer. To use a v9.0 or above Studio client a user must be granted the Author role on the Definition Center. After upgrading iRise Adoption Center to v9.x from previous versions all Studio users will have their account type set to Studio. We recommend you use Adoption Center to convert the Definition Center and Adoption Center accounts to Authors. You can do this individually in Adoption Center by editing each user from the Manage Users section, or you can use the bulk update feature in the Manage Users section to update all at once.
 1. Export all users to a file
 2. Edit the Excel file to change the role to Author
 3. Re-import the modified Excel file into Adoption Center
 If you have questions or concerns, email or call iRise Customer Support

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